Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It is time the Cameron county metroplex move forward, while leaving Brownsville behind to tag along like the stray dog it is.

Brownsville has never been able to get along for the greater good of the county.  Its historically inept leadership has no vision, and works 24/7 to hold Brownsville back.

What few things Brownsville has is because of business people who push forward in spite of the inept city leadership.. When my family visits they love for me to drive them past the old restored houses downtown.  My hats off to all of the business people who have invested in restoring downtown to be something more than a cantina.

If the business community is smart, it will join the surrounding cities to form Cameron Metroplex while leaving behind the city of Brownsville government.  The COB is an obstacle to progress.

The great thing about capitalism is, the draw of money will always result in growth where those with vision can see the growth.  Even an inept city commission cannot hold back capitalism.

SH550 corridor is doing amazing things for the Cameron Metroplex.  In short order it will bring together, Los Fresnos, Laguna Vista, Port Isabel and SPI - Olmito will also join the grouping of cities.  This is a very important core to Cameron metroplex.

Under the right leadership, San Benito and Harlingen can link as one - in time they will link with the Los Fresnos et al cluster

Brownsville should be a natural part of this, but through its lawsuit Brownsville has decided to go it alone - such as it has done with United Brownsville.

Years ago when Harlingen was looking at building an airport, Harlingen and Brownsville should have agreed to build one new airport along SH 77 along the San Benito - Olmito border.  This would have been a mass economic engine for the area - but Brownsville has no vision and it never will.  Brownsville will join the metroplex as a natural consequence of the development, but not because it was part of the plan.

Commissioners Court must take the lead with the other cities to move these naturally forming clusters of cities along into a metroplex.  Brownsville has made it clear it does not want to be part of anything but itself and United Brownsville. 

If the city governments will not act to create Cameron Metroplex, then the business community must.  When you look to the naturally developing clusters of cities, an organized business community can do through their own organization what the city and county seem unwilling to do - Cameron Metroplex.

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Anonymous said...

It all starts with the business community, the leadership has to provide a conducive environment for the business community, which Brownsville has failed at miserably. You are spot on in stating that Brownsville has relied on Imagine Brownsville to dictate the direction in where this community should go, and it is obvious there are personal agendas leading this charge....not the cities agenda.

When, and only when the inept leadership in Brownsville realizes that they were elected to make the decisions that they are paying Imagine Brownsville to make for them, then we will see the private sector invest and build out and join the cities together to create your much sought after metro-plex.