Sunday, July 12, 2015

This blend I use for pork, or chicken stove top fajitas and beef tostadas.  You can also use it on your fajita meat.
After I blend three seasonings I use them on about a pound to a pound and a quarter of meat.  HEB sells a beef stir fry which looks like sliced fajita meat.  It is perfect for my tostadas.  Right now I am debating tostadas versus chicken caldo for dinner.  I'm not sure I can handle my tostadas even though they are pretty much fat free.
For the pork I take a lean pork and slice it like it will be used as fajitas.  For the chicken  I usually use half boneless chicken thighs and half breast.  I clean all of the fat and then slice it as if it will be chicken fajitas.
I use a heaping teaspoon of the Chile Naranja you see above. I use the little container to store the chili after I open the package.
I mix the three seasonings in a small custard bowel.  Add a heaping teaspoon of the rub they sell at Lopez.  You can buy it by the pound behind the butcher block.
Finally a 1/4 teaspoon of cumin - comino.
Blend it all together and then cover which ever meat you are using and blend.  I let it set for at least an hour in the fridge before  I cook it.  Do not add any extra salt. You can let it sit all day.   For the tostadas I dice up some white onions to cook with the meat.
For the pork and chicken I slice up some bell pepper and white onion and cook.  They are both good with warmed soft corn tortillas.
Tostados do not require you fry the tortilla.  I place mine on the cookie sheet under the broiler and make them crispy.
I start with two pounds of pinto beans.  I add two dry chipotle.  They have them at Lopez.  Do not open them.  Simply rinse them and put them in the water.
I then add salt and pepper to season.  I also add three good chunks of fresh garlic.  If you do not have a garlic press, after peeling the garlic just place it under a knife the wide side and smash down.
I then add one good slice of white onion.  Finally add 1/4 teaspoon of cumin - comino.
About three hours the beans are done.

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