Friday, July 31, 2015


The court house is abuzz with speculation.  But here is the deal.  The replacement will have to run for reelection come November 2016.  This means a Republican cannot win.  Cameron county is going to turnout with a large number of voters just marking Democrat.  Remember this will be a presidential election with Hillary Clinton heading the ticket.

Governor Abbott's only choice is to appoint someone as a Democrat who has a history of financial loyalty to the Republican Party.   Who that may be I do not know - oh there is a lot of speculation - but at this point that is all we have.

If Abbott is smart enough to appoint someone as a Democrat they will in all likelihood retain the seat.


Unless some snag has occurred - Judge Olvera should be taking the federal bench soon.  I would think Governor Abbott already has someone in mind as his replacement.


The rumors abound that if Greg Abbott appoints a Democrat to replace Rolando Olvera, then the Democrats who want to run will target Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez.  They will be in for an uphill battle. 

Judicial elections are always interesting because it requires a practicing lawyer to attack a sitting judge.  Sometimes it has to be done - but before you enter that forum as a lawyer you better have a case, otherwise you will fail - wanting to be a judge is not a case.  Without a case your only choice is to go real negative and as Oscar Garcia learned - that does not work.

Thursday, July 30, 2015



When 6,000 rounds of ammo go missing the AFT wants to know where it went. After 6 months of following this story I am ending it here.  I confirmed in 2013, 6000 rounds of ammo was addressed to Silverio Cisneros Pct. 1, using the court house address went missing.

The last anyone heard of the ammo was when Constable Gomez's chief deputy told deputies who were aware of the delivery to forget about it. 

The package was addressed to Silverio Cisneros.  It should have been forwarded to him as a Park Ranger, or returned to the vendor.  It was not.

So where are the 6000 rounds of ammo?  - no one knows - or at least after 6 months of investigating no one is telling.
Every competent judge knows they are a reflection of their spouse.  Mary Esther Garcia Sorola knows this.  She does not care.  She herself has paid Juanito and will continue to authorize use of the community estate to keep the abuse of domestic abuse victims going and the homophobia.  Her support for homophobia is being passed through the LGBT community so as to not support her financially through marriage ceremonies. 

Like I have said Louis Sorola is unsupervisable.  The Montes clan is over two hundred and fifty strong as voters through the extended family.  This abuse by Louis Sorola is now well known to them all. 
The patriarch has confirmed that the clan will be pushing to remove Saenz from office during the election.  They have friends.  This is an entrenched family of Democrats whose elders have sat with just about every well know politico in Brownsville over the last 60 years.  They are committed to make David Gonzales' illegal arrest of a family member twice an issue when his reelection comes up.
But for now, the female victim Sorola has Juanito attacking will be filing a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct concerning the two wrongful arrests in his court even after his staff told him there was not basis for the capias.  The second time was after against my wishes I was compelled out of fear of contempt of court to explain on the record why I was investigating the case.
I was clear that I represented no one - was being paid nothing - and had no authority to speak for anyone.  I was simply investigating.  David Gonzales would not allow me to see the file - which is illegal by the way because the county clerk is the custodian of the file, not the judge.  If I wanted to see the file I had to go on record to explain why I was investigating. This is illegal.   A judge cannot compel someone to give an explanation on the record as to why they are investigating his court and staff.  In fact it is a crime under 18 USC 242. 
David Gonzales knew under Villalobos, Villalobos staff was routinely giving the clerks the wrong address for the defendant.  The address given by Villalobos' staff had never been used by this young lady.  But the address on her bond application was good.  This is how in many cases, people failed to appear - they never received notice.  David Gonzales having no understanding of the law never bothered to ask if his staff verified if the defendant received notice.  The file, and I have it, has a return envelope.  His staff if born alive with brains would have checked the address on the bond application and seen they sent the notice to the wrong address.  The brainless staff follows the leader - in the case the brainless David Gonzales.
All of the documents and record on the events are secure and will go before the Commission on Judicial Conduct.
The truth needs to be told and this is how it is going to be done.
If Saenz had a half of brain, which he does not, he would put out a press release clearly stating these comments by Juanito of endless conspiracies by his office are lies and bought and paid for by Louis Sorola, and Zeke Silva.  He will not - Louis Sorola has too much on him.
When you consider Juanito's own history of arrested for being drunk and domestic abuse it makes perfect sense he attacks the victims, while defending a drunk like Hector Negrete who beat a woman while drunk.
"Click for history of Juanito's Domestic Abuse and Corruption of the process to get the charges dismissed after he ran from the courts.

So you know how little Saenz helped this victim of domestic abuse understand this:

1.  The original charging instrument against the abuser was defective and I had to demand Saenz correct it.

2.  Saenz's staff refused to aid her as a crime victim and in the end the AG had to intervene to move this young lady so her abuser did not know where she lived.  Saenz and his incompetent staff refused all help.

3.   Saenz's staff had her wrongfully arrested not once by twice.  I think in order to avoid being sued is why he dismissed the criminal charges for being in Dean Porter park illegally.  Such a crime - the inhumanity of hit.

4.   Korina Barraza Assistant District Attorney/Domestic Violence Unit Supervisor at the time under Saenz was so abusive to the victim the victim did not want to testify.  Korina was so vindictive that on a Wednesday before the Monday trial she refused to allow the victim to have an advocate in the room with her during Korina's final interview of the victim before the Monday trial.  Korina then agreed to a plea bargain with the abuser without consulting the victim. 

The victim  cried all weekend in absolute fear if she went back to court the abuser would attack her or Saenz would have her arrested against.  The bitch Korina was determined to settle the score with the victim over my endless complaints over her incompetence.  Korina never told the victim the case was resolved with a plea bargain.  We showed up Monday morning after the victim cried all weekend to learn there was not case because Korina agreed to a plea bargain the previous week without the victim's consent.

Saenz found all of this acceptable.

This is what Juanito is calling doing me a favor.

Only a woman beating drunk like Juanito would make this young lady relive this over a personal score with me.
You go Louis Sorola and hang everyone in your path.

Well, I am happy to report, I am now trained to change Buster's bandages.  I little bit more than a 1/4 of skin has grown over the open wound.  We still have about an inch.  Buster twice now has had her bandage changed without sedation, so I will now do it at home twice a week and the vet once a week to keep an eye on wound.
I have been holding at a weight loss of 15 pounds since the second gallbladder surgery.  I am just getting back into the pool and my laps so hopefully that will get me another 5 pounds.  Since the bile duct repair I have not had gerd once.  I have not taken anything for acid.  This has changed how my body processes food..

While I am still experiencing jerk breathing, things are a lot better.  From a standing position I am back to swimming the back and forth under water in my pool.  I have always been an underwater swimmer.  I've pushed hard every day and now can do the back and forth again.  I really need a new picture of the pool.  The woodchips left behind by the previous owners have long been replaced by lava rock, and the plants are taller than the house.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I was going to let his moronic post on the bail bond issue go, because I know no one is listening.  So a disgruntled bondsman is paying Juanito to trash the county for making money.

Here is his argument, now that the Pretrial program has worked, and Cameron county has extra beds it can use to raise revenue, Cameron county should abandon the Pretrial Bond program, fill up the jails again and walk away from the millions Cameron county is due to earn by renting out the space to Hidalgo county.  We all know how bad it is for the county to make money - the inhumanity of it all. 

This is a business model only a drunk could conceive of.


First of all, the young lady he claims is my nephew's daughter is not.  His only daughter is a very successful PhD psychologist.  But when you are a drunk anyone with the same last name must be your daughter.

Juanito's claim is simple, if I pull a file it is an unauthorized practice of law, but if he pulls a file it is not.  Lawyers send out investigators and paralegals to do this work every day.

The woman learned from her abuser's family they were going to have her arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear.  The arrest was to occur on the day of the domestic abuse trial to keep her from testifying.   I researched it.  There was a warrant.  It should shock no one that Juanito seeks to attack the victim of domestic abuse, while defending Hector Negrete who assaulted a woman.  Yea, that's right, Juanito has been repeatedly arrested for being drunk, and on at least one occasion for beating a woman.

The file showed the inept David Gonzales ordered the capias for failure to appear even though his own staff had verified for him, she was never ordered to appear.  It was lost on David Gonzales that a party defendant has to be ordered to appear before you can issue a capias for failure to appear.

When I realized this I informed David Gonzales' coordinator of the problem and was going to have the young lady to appear in his court voluntarily to handle the matter.  I was not there.

When she walked into court, the bailiff upon learning her name and checking the system detained her, although David Gonzales' staff had assured me that would not happen.  She was to receive a court appointed attorney and the capias pulled.

There is actually a record wherein David Gonzales drilled me as to why I was investigating this case.  On the record I am clear I represent no one and am not being paid a penny for my investigation.  I explained to him he had issued a capias on a woman who was never ordered to appear.

Lawyers send out investigators and paralegals to do this work every day.  They work with court staff on these issues every day.

On the day she voluntarily appeared and was detained, the man who was facing felony charges for beating her, was in court for the charges related to his arrest.  She was panic stricken.  He was being detained side by side with her abuser and being arrested on a bad capias.

She had no one to advise her.  Saenz knew the capias was bad, and his stupid ADA pushes for a plea bargain knowing full well the court appointed attorney was suppose to file a motion to dismiss based on a want of prosecution.  The law at that point was pretty clear.  If the DA fails to act on a case for a year the court is to dismiss it for failure to prosecute.  This is conditioned on the defendant not having been part of the delay.


Juanito's claim that Saenz brought the files I wanted is a lie.  It never happened.  Further, Cascos initiated the meet not me. The emails are clear on this issue.  Cascos was concerned about the bad publicity Saenz was receiving for having someone arrested on a bad capias, and prosecuted on a criminal trespass case which had been abandoned.  The crime, being in Dean Porter park at a time it was closed.  We cannot let these criminals walk.

Further, part of the email he posted is fabricated.  In my life I have never said Gotham.  Never - ever. - but weirder things have happened so maybe I did - but it would have been the one and only time I ever used the word.


Saenz knew he had a mess.  Juanito fails to explain her court appointed attorney realizing his mess up, filed a motion to withdraw the plea.

Motion Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Gonzales III, David)
Motion to withdraw plea, Rigo Flores atty.

You will note Rigo was the defense attorney, not the ADA as claimed by Juanito.  You will also note he defended Eddie Lucio in the federal criminal case and won.

At this point Flores had the case.  He got a notice from Saenz the case was being dismissed in the interest of justice.  Saenz knew David Gonzales would have had no choice but to grant the motion to dismiss for want of prosecution.  This is why Juanito intentionally fails to mention the case was filed in 2011, but not prosecuted until 2013, after I told the young lady to go to court voluntarily.  By 2013, the court had yet to send a proper notice to appear - the DA did nothing with the case - hence Motion to Dismiss for Want of a Timely Trial - a constitutional guarantee by the way.


Juanito is defending the dismissal of criminal charges of a man on bogus double jeopardy charges, who assaulted a woman during his drunken tirade. [we all know why Juanito does not want drunks prosecuted], and claiming some huge conspiracy because Saenz dismissed criminal trespass charges against a woman whose case sat idle for years as the DA failed to even request her appearance in court.

Sorola is nuts.  He does not realize it, but in this post he created another complainant with a very valid complaint.

After a Rodney Mesquias was indicted in Cameron county in 2009, sometime later his file went missing.

"BROWNSVILLE - The former owner of a Harlingen medical clinic has been arrested on charges he billed Medicaid more than $387,000 for services provided without the supervision of a licensed physician, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said Friday.

A Cameron County grand jury indicted Rodney Mesquias, 39, on Nov. 12 on two counts of Medicaid fraud over $200,000. He was arrested Wednesday and released on $25,000 bond."

Click for story

After the indictment someone went to the AG with an open records request on the indictment and related documents.  The request was denied based on an ongoing investigation.  Click for AG opinion


I say this because yesterday notwithstanding their own AG opinion on the matter, the AG told me yesterday they have no records on a Rodney Mesquias.  Great right, they have a published opinion on his criminal indictment on the internet and in their data base, but claim they have nothing on him.  What a hopelessly broken system.

The AG issue is why I am running the story - how can they have an AG opinion on line on Rodney Mesquias and then tell me pursuant to an open records request they have nothing on the man?  When the AG's office cannot get an open records request right, we are doomed.  They should have said any records which may exist are not subject to disclosure.

I have also checked two different data bases for Cameron county and the criminal record does not exist.  I checked with Eric Garza's office and they cannot find a thing - hence the record must have been expunged

There is nothing wrong with this, if he was found not guilty, the charges dismissed, or he received pretrial diversion, among other options.  It can actually get complex.  My point being, this may all be very innocent.  It is the AG part of the story which is interesting.  They have a published opinion on the man and then claim they have nothing on the man.

There is another important verifiable matter - but because correlation by innuendo is not evidence or fact I am not disclosing this other part of the story.  Innuendo is not fact. 

DPS will not investigate to determine if the expungement was valid unless I have a copy of the original final disposition which indicates no expungement was available under the law.

So it ends - the case of the missing criminal record, with the AG saying they have nothing on the man, while they have a published opinion on the internet on the man.

"The Wisconsin Supreme Court is facing harsh criticism for a blatant conflict of interest in a July 16 ruling to shut down a campaign finance investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s 2012 re-election campaign.

One headline referred to the court as a “crony court.” A Wisconsin columnist called the justices “self-serving” and concluded, “Justice bought is justice denied.”

Why? The justices in the majority have benefited from $10 million in spending by the same special interest groups that were suspected of conspiring with Walker".

Click for Newsweek story

I post this story because I grow tired of the racist comments linking our corruption to Mexico.  This is a human issue which has nothing to do with race.  But the ignorant must have a voice so they continue to spread their ignorance.

Before we invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban destroyed an important Buddhist monument as offensive to Islam.  See below

"The Atlanta NAACP called this month for the carving's removal along with dozens of Confederate monuments on government property around the state. Atlanta's city council this week urged Gov. Nathan Deal to study additions of famous Georgians such as Martin Luther King Jr. to the Stone Mountain carving"

Click for Story

We were well into the Civil War before Lincoln made slavery an issue.  Slavery became a justification for a war which was not going well. 

There is no issue racism remained a big issue in the south after the war.  But this is a limited rewrite of history.  I was a senior in high school in 1976, when the federal government had to force integration of the school district I attended.  This was New York, not the south.  I remember vividly the white parents with baseball bats hitting the buses filled with black children as Boston was forced to integrate its school  district - again not the south.

The entire original highway system on Long Island was designed to keep poor blacks from going out to Long Island.  This is before the Long Island expressway and the rail line.  You see the overpasses were intentionally designed to keep buses off the Southern State, Northern State - Wantaugh etc.  This is New York, not the south.

If the NAACP were to demand all of the overpasses be redesigned to allow buses on the highway system because of their racist past, the New York legislature would laugh them off the planet.

So lets stop pretending this was a southern issue - it was not.

History is who we are.  Whether we agree or not, the southern states believed Congress and the north were running rough-shod over the constitution and the commitments made in the Declaration of Independence.  It was not about slavery.  It was about freedom from what they believed was an oppressive government. The overwhelming number of Confederate soldiers who died did not even own slaves. 

The Atlantic makes a mockery of this fact while confirming it.  What they must admit is, less than 25% of southern households owned a slave.  One slave made you part of that 25%.  The fact is 75% of the southern households did not own slaves. Where was there vested interest in preserving slavery? - a form of free labor 75% of the southern households could not compete with.

So now a bunch of hate mongers have changed the historical reasoning behind the south seceding from the U.S., and our entire history is to be based on this historical rewrite coopted by a bunch of bigots?

This nonsense of destroying southern civil war symbols and history has to stop.  The NAACP and those joining in this nonsense are proving themselves no different than the Taliban and ISIS in destroying important historical symbols and monuments for the sake of political correctness.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It is time the Cameron county metroplex move forward, while leaving Brownsville behind to tag along like the stray dog it is.

Brownsville has never been able to get along for the greater good of the county.  Its historically inept leadership has no vision, and works 24/7 to hold Brownsville back.

What few things Brownsville has is because of business people who push forward in spite of the inept city leadership.. When my family visits they love for me to drive them past the old restored houses downtown.  My hats off to all of the business people who have invested in restoring downtown to be something more than a cantina.

If the business community is smart, it will join the surrounding cities to form Cameron Metroplex while leaving behind the city of Brownsville government.  The COB is an obstacle to progress.

The great thing about capitalism is, the draw of money will always result in growth where those with vision can see the growth.  Even an inept city commission cannot hold back capitalism.

SH550 corridor is doing amazing things for the Cameron Metroplex.  In short order it will bring together, Los Fresnos, Laguna Vista, Port Isabel and SPI - Olmito will also join the grouping of cities.  This is a very important core to Cameron metroplex.

Under the right leadership, San Benito and Harlingen can link as one - in time they will link with the Los Fresnos et al cluster

Brownsville should be a natural part of this, but through its lawsuit Brownsville has decided to go it alone - such as it has done with United Brownsville.

Years ago when Harlingen was looking at building an airport, Harlingen and Brownsville should have agreed to build one new airport along SH 77 along the San Benito - Olmito border.  This would have been a mass economic engine for the area - but Brownsville has no vision and it never will.  Brownsville will join the metroplex as a natural consequence of the development, but not because it was part of the plan.

Commissioners Court must take the lead with the other cities to move these naturally forming clusters of cities along into a metroplex.  Brownsville has made it clear it does not want to be part of anything but itself and United Brownsville. 

If the city governments will not act to create Cameron Metroplex, then the business community must.  When you look to the naturally developing clusters of cities, an organized business community can do through their own organization what the city and county seem unwilling to do - Cameron Metroplex.


The one thing United Brownsville does not do is unite anyone - except saps.  Their budget has never been sufficiently funded for them to accomplish anything, which is why they have accomplished nothing.

The city of Brownsville is now suing several of the cities which pay into the Texas Southmost College District.  The vote by TSC needs to be 7-0, to not fund United Brownsville.  Brownsville's conduct in the lawsuit is unacceptable and the Port Commissioners and TSC Trustees better pay attention, working with Brownsville could cost them the election.

A large section of land which by law will be taken from Brownsville is along the port.  If the port funds United Brownsville at its next opportunity it will be sending a message it favors Brownsville.  The port should and must remain neutral.

The building of a metroplex is more important than a rogue Brownsville and the ineffective United Brownsville. 

Any politician who continues to use the bogus organization of United Brownsville to pad their own resume with trash, needs to feel the sting on election day.

United Brownsville is holding the metroplex back.  It is time they are sent packing.

You do not need endless conspiracy theories developed up someone's butt - all you need to do is look to how it is dividing the county and how they have accomplished nothing to know it is time United Brownsville be dumped.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Both will hang themselves with their responses. Neither have a defense other than distractions.  Gus Garza in an unrelated complaint sought to distract the State Bar from the complaint by informing the State Bar the complainant had an expunged criminal record.  This is a crime.  He only sunk himself deeper into trouble.

We are going to allow Sorola to continue to hang himself and put into writing he has nothing to do with Juanito.  Then we will release the video tape which proves 100% otherwise. 


Here is the deal - neither I nor my nephew made any mention of the State Bar complaint in a public way.  It was Sorola paying Juanito to attack my nephew is how this matter became known to the public.

A lawyer is barred by the Rules of Professional Conduct from playing out in a public forum any proceeding - the rule includes damaging the reputation of the witness.  Sorola has made a mockery of this rule.

Now of course he will say he knows nothing about Juanito's work or how Juanito got the original letter from the State Bar.  He will probably claim the video which is being submitted to prove their alliance is also fabricated.

Gus Garza is in deeper trouble for trying to play the distraction game by turning over to the State Bar information related to an expunged criminal record.

Distractions do not work.

Sorola will probably send a foot thick response with distractions attacking me while never addressing the issue.

Okay Louis - Gus Garza knew from day one Luis Saenz was not going to prosecute this case or seek restitution.

Harley Davidson has verified that at no time did Gus Garza or anyone ask for a business records affidavit of the estimate.  This means he never intended to move forward.  Hector Negrete did his time for the assault on the female bar employee, and because he could not post bail. 

That police report is coming.  People need to know how brutally Hector Negrete beat this woman.


Juanito immediately ran from my email where the evidence showed beyond doubt that my complaint was about restitution.  Restitution by law comes from the defendant, and not the state. 

Before my nephew's case I did a series of stories on a woman who was the victim of domestic abuse and the endless incompetence concerning Saenz office.  Click   In that case after Saenz's office proved they had no idea how restitution or victim compensation works, I had the victim apply directly to the AG's office.  They paid for her move, as provided for by law.

It is almost unheard of for advocates or attorneys to get involved in the Victims Compensation Program because it is the job of the DA.

In the case of my nephew, I guess after messing up royally with the victim of domestic abuse, DA Saenz's office asked that he get the estimate of damages, and to complete the paperwork for compensation under the State's victim program if he wanted restitution.

You see the core of Sorola's complaint is my nephew as a victim of criminal conduct wanted the criminal to pay restitution.  According to Sorola and Juanito, this makes my nephew a horrible person.

My email is very clear - I only speak of restitution - which comes from the defendant.  Saenz's office did not understand this at first.  So they sent back the forms they had my nephew complete if he wanted restitution, without explanation.  I complained that Saenz's office was not doing its job on restitution.

Having already once gone over his head to the AG, and got the victim compensation which Saenz refused to seek, I thought okay let's try again.  When I saw the rule did not apply in my nephew's case nothing else happened, other than demanding that Saenz seek restitution.


There is no dispute Hector Negrete was forced out of the bar.  They over served him.  My nephew could have sued the bar under Dram Shop and got his money.  But he did not - he trusted Saenz would get him his restitution. He was willing to wait how ever long it took for Negrete to pay it off.  Negrete damaged the bikes - not the bar - or at least not directly.

The documents which prove this are all going to the State Bar along with the video of Juanito and Sorola.

Sorola will not stop.  He can hire the best attorney in the world to defend him and he still will not stop the trashing of my nephew through Juanito.  He is unsupervisable.  The lawyer will take his money and allow Sorola to hang himself.

You will note in the police report Office Martinez claims both were riding Hondas.  I can assure you their clubs would laugh them out of the club if there were ever caught on a Honda.  They only ride Harley's.  This is why Juanito loves to quote the report but not post it.  If the police officer got the brand name of the motorcycles wrong, why would anyone believe him as to how much he claims the victims claimed were the damages?   Of course no one would believe him.  My nephew is aware the typical cost of replacing the fender is under a $1,000 plus labor.  He was laughing when he saw the report this morning.  Further, the indictment was based on the written estimate prepared by Harley Davidson San Benito, and not the police report.
So now you know why Juanito never allowed you to see the police report.  It is going to the State Bar.


I am waiting on a document.  If the document does exist someone is in a lot of trouble - a lot of trouble.  Two state agencies are working on it for me.  But I have to wait.  There may be a legal obstacle which requires a court ruling before I get the document.  The state will seek the legal ruling.

If I get the document today, I will do the story.


These are the insurance gate and travel gate documents.  I am now asking that the suit be formally filed.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


 It is sad that such simple and beautiful words have so many people ready to destroy our way of life.  These people know nothing about romance or marriage.  They are so obsessed with the penis and vagina to realize neither have anything to do with romance or marriage.

 No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”

The highlighted part is how I feel about being in love.  Maybe people are so upset with Justice Kennedy’s words because they have never experienced the marriage he speaks of. 

I have nothing against sex.  I still have the libido of an 18 years old – and to be honest – wish it would go away.  But that is the problem.   

If I date and refuse to get in bed with the person by date two, there is no date three.  It is not going to happen.   

Experience teaches me because of the great pleasure which comes from sex, we quickly forget to know one another and maintain the relationship based on the joy of sex.  It does not take long to realize we are not compatible.  So it ends.  I am not going down that path again. 


I am social, but not in the way people want me to be.

I have no problem going to family functions and holding my tongue when I see or hear things which offend me – if you love someone you deal with their family.  I always say you love someone for who they are not who you want them to be.  So this part of the social game is easy.


 I’ve been out with guys who have to be seen at endless political functions.  Or maybe peer functions which have no purpose other than to stand around and drink while talking nonsense and feigning interest in each other’s words.   It always ends in an argument.  Why were not more engaging?  Because I cannot feign interest in stupidity or self-centered people who need to be seen to feel important.


For the right person I would shut down the BV, and go quiet.  I would much prefer a quiet life at home being intimate with the right person.  And for the record if you think intimacy is always sex, you have never experienced true intimacy.

I am not a bar person.  Besides at 57, what business would I have in a bar?  Now a piano bar is different – that I would enjoy. 

I have told ex’s “I trust you, go have fun with your friends.”  This always leads to an argument.  “You do not like my friends?  Why can you just not go to the bar for me? “  I hate the loud music – and besides back then I could not stand the smoke.


The entire Lincoln Park protest was a scam to garner attention for a handful of people – who then abandoned Lincoln Park.  The Valley Interfaith people once again proved themselves con-artists.  Had they truly wanted to save Lincoln Park they would have organized events at Lincoln Park and the amphitheater for the summer. 

For me a perfect date during the summer is theater in the park.  We could have had shows all summer long at Lincoln Park – live music  - live theater – the people of Brownsville would have packed the park.  I would have been there with my picnic basket with wine, cheese, and sandwiches.

For me this is great romance.  Going to Louie’s Backyard for finger food, maybe a drink and watching the fireworks is an evening of romance.  Sometimes just being with the person you love enjoying the simple pleasures in life is all it takes.


You must be on the same page.  My page is now leaning towards retirement.  I know what I want.  Once Buster is gone, I want to travel.  We are getting close on Cuba – it will be a center point in the 2016 elections.  The United States Chamber of Commerce has already announced it will oppose any Republican who supports the boycott.

With any luck as billions of US dollars roll into Cuba, Cuba will remain Cuba culturally – while improving the quality of life for the people.

The food – the music, the beaches – it is going to be something.  I want to go early because my fear is it will become another Cancun.  The Cancun I knew 25-30 years is long dead.  Now, it is an American tourist trap, and not Mexico. 

I need a man who will understand I need to read.  I am about to start reading Blackstone again.  This is going to bring me incredible joy for a few months.  I love thinking.  I have been writing a lot on the social construct and the evolution of law.  It matters not to me it will never be published.  It brings me joy, and I need a man who can understand that. 

In comprise I realize I may have to feign joy for a week in Paris – but that is okay because then he is going to have to feign joy during one of my trips which is purely archeological.  I’m not into fancy food.  I am into archeology, anthropology, and the sociology of ancient cultures and civilizations.   I love “Walking Dead” because of the evolution of society the show represents – the sociology.  The walking dead are just a vehicle for telling the story of the evolution of civilization.

The two men I think are interested in me I think are both concerned dating me means being in the lime light in a way they prefer not to be.  I get that.  I would much prefer to disappear from the Internet yesterday than be public. 
I would never ask either of them out because It is not who I am.  I’ve just never learned to do that.

But in the end, if any man is unwilling to get to know me – and I mean me – for 6 months before being sexually intimate – we are going nowhere.

Sexual intimacy with someone you love is about pleasing them, and not yourself.  In the end it works out.

Also, people need to learn there is more to sex than penetration.  There are many ways to please your partner without having to exert yourself to the point of being tired.  It is sad how many people take sex out of their life because they claim they are too tire.  The problem there is these people never learned about pleasing their partner or their partner pleasing them.  There is so much more to sex than exerting yourself.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


The natural consequence of the new SH550 corridor is merging Los Fresnos and Brownsville together. It is rapidly becoming a matter of crossing the street.  Through natural growth this will continue to happen adding in Olmito to Los Fresnos and Brownsville, as Harlingen and San Benito slowly merge into one.  Laguna Vista, Port Isabel and SPI have slowly been merging together as one.  In time each of these zones would have merged into one huge metroplex.

This is made easier through cooperation from all of the cities, not by suing one another.

Brownsville's decision to sue Laguna Vista, and Port Isabel is the equivalent of a Japanese Kamikaze defensive move.  See Herald

Tony Martinez seems to be able to endlessly lead the inept city commission down a path of destruction.  This was such an easy vote for the commissioners - it would have been one thing in terms of a settlement for the commissioners to vote to give up the disputed land along with the taxes the land brings in, but here all they had to do was nothing and state law would have finished it.  They had cover that they were just following state law.  Now at some point they are going to sign off on a settlement which will mean Brownsville losing taxes - actually I am not sure given the state law settlement is an option - it is all or nothing.


That ship has sailed.  The deal is done - Tony is just waiting for the August meeting to present it to the commissioners who will approve it.  The primary legal obstacle was Rosen Gowen's vote to authorize the inclusion of Lincoln Park in the discussion.  The city commission being comprised of idiots went along with Tony and revoted the issue allowing Gowen to abstain thereby removing the legal obstacle .

I am to try and do as many laps in the pool as possible as many times a day as possible - and walk Buster as much as possible - but my roommate has to mow the lawn and tend to the yard for another month. 
My lungs have gone lazy - a simple term some doctors use and others claim to be nonexistent - the term not the condition.

It's a challenge, but I am pushing hard to clean the house before vacuuming the pool.  I'm to keep on pushing until I feel like I am dizzy.  It is the only way I am going to restore the lungs.

The surgery scars are barely visible - they are more like cat scratches. 


My liver has now seen two gallbladder surgeries along with other scaring from fatty infiltration.  That is why he gave me the picture so that in the future if I have problems other doctors will know the extent of the scarring.  In 10-25 years the scar can lead to ascites.  If caught early it is easily curable.  A friend's mother is going through this as I type.  She is in stage two so her chances are good.

A family member went through it in January - the ascites were caused by scar tissue from a bowel resection some 38 years before.  A lot of women who have undergone hysterectomies end up with ascites. 

The great news for me is, my liver enzymes are checked every 4 months.  If a pattern emerges of them getting worse, we then have a warning sign.  It is easy enough for a PCP to check the abdominal sac for fluid build-up.  You may not realize this, but you can have this for years because in a lot of cases, it reabsorbs before it becomes a problem.


As I explained before the lung presses down on the diaphragm when it expands, and in turn the diaphragm presses down on the liver.  Well given the fact the liver needs at least another month to heal, every time the diaphragm tries to press down on it, it can and does cause spasms of the diaphragm, small intestine and other organs - hence the pain. 

Most people fail to understand antibiotics are actually your best painkiller.  Quiet frequently the source of pain is an infection.  If you resolve the infection you resolve the pain.  The antibiotics are working and the pain is minimal.

Time to mop


Friday, July 24, 2015


From the trained drunk monkey: "Sorola didn't even appear in court on the case."  There are only three ways Montoya would know this [1] he was in court - he was not but I was; [2] he checked the docket sheet and it says Sorola did not appear - it does not - in fact Sorola filed his bill stating he was in court on the day in question; or [3] Sorola told his trained drunk monkey to lie.

The State Bar will go with the latter -

08/23/2013  Journal Entry (Judicial Officer: Nelson, Arturo Cisneros )
Both sides appeared. State filed a motion to dismiss
08/23/2013  State's Motion to Dismiss
States Motion to Dismiss

This was such a simple case.  All Sorola had to do was say an honest mistake of the law was made, and they would have probably given him a private reprimand.  With attacking the complainant which can verifiably be traced to Sorola including endless lies and defamation, it is no longer as simple case.

These guy are idiots.  First Juanito blames Garza for the mistake, now he says Garza just believed Sorola and went with it.  What they fail to understand everything is dated.

The docket sheet and Sorola's own bill show he was in court.

The State Bar will believe nothing he has to say.

This subject is difficult for me because the blogs are filled with nothing more than endless conspiracy theories and do absolutely nothing to address the issue or the need for a United Brownsville.  If all you have is anger because no one is paying you, then ship off.

The concept behind United Brownsville is spot on.  The concept - not United Brownsville - is key to turning Brownsville into the center of a metroplex.  We all know the naysayers - moving out of caves was a conspiracy by developers to steal our money.

Nothing is free.  Progress is never painless.  But the key is progress.

In working on this I went to United Brownsville's web page in hopes of seeing something of substance.  There is nothing.  There is zero evidence they  have actually done anything - well other than endless meetings to have BS sessions. 

The representatives from the various entities cannot bind the entities - so all they can do is engage in endless BS sessions which lead nowhere.  Which is exactly where United Brownsville is.

My frustration is not with the existence of the organization - which is needed - but with its incredible mismanagement and lack of PROGRESS.

I have no problem with any entity or elected official voting to fund United Brownsville.  The concept is essential to moving us forward.  Anything which helps Brownsville helps TSC and its students - which in the end is what matters.


I want to see a shake up at United Brownsville.  We need someone who understands you must keep the community educated as to what you are doing.  According to their web page they have done nothing.  Brownsville without United Brownsville can organize trade seminars.

Contrary to the conspiracy claims, United Brownsville cannot and does not speak for anyone.  The various entities in separate votes would have to agree to binding themselves to anything United Brownsville commits Brownsville to.

There is absolutely no evidence - I mean none - that they lobbied Austin for anything as a regular lobbyist - so that does not fly.


United Brownsville can work - and now that TSC and others have agreed to their annual payments, they need to demand change.  UB needs real leadership.  They need a leader who can demonstrate how UB is actually benefiting Brownsville and bringing the communities together.

I am unprepared to throw UB out the window without first giving the various entities an opportunity to prove to the people they are spending our money wisely - they do this by demanding meaningful change.

We need someone in charge who is out front pushing Brownsville in a very visible way.   But then here is the problem.  Their budget does not allow for them to carry out their mission.  But if they ask for more money, it will backfire.


But now I expect TSC to demand accountability for the money.  I expect TSC and the other entities to demand new leadership.  We need a leader with a strong personality who becomes our number one salesperson.


Until we have workers trained in robotics manufacturing, we are going no where.  Where has UB been on this issue in helping TSC - it is not even on their radar.  TSC and UB should be all over Austin and the feds for the funding of this essential job training which is key to our development.

UB is not even aware of the problem.


If I see TSC and the other entities do their job and demand meaningful change at UB, then I will be with those who voted to extend the agreement.  But if everyone is going to continue doing what they are doing now - going to endless BS meetings - then I believe the people should hold those who support UB accountable.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I am not making this up - Juanito actually said: "And of course, he brings in the Rrunrrun as well, claiming that everyone (Sorola) and his brother (if he has one) pay us for what we write. Oh, but that that was true!"  With rare exception everyone knows this is true.  Numerous elected officials called me to read it.  They were laughing in disbelief that Sorola is so hell bend on destroying himself that he actually believes this nonsense is going to fly.


You see according to Juanito if an owner of a motorcycle sees his motorcycle trashed in the street and in the dark and questimates as to the damages is binding, and the certified estimate provided by Harley Davidson of San Benito would be fraudulent.  Because to any fool a questimation in the dark is obviously more accurate than an officially certified estimate by Harley Davidson.

The below estimate was just provided to my nephew minutes after he requested it.  Saenz clearly wants to distance his office from Sorola and Montoya's lies.


Juanito's claim that I said the damages were $3,000 is a bold face lie.  This is the only evidence ever provided to DA Saenz's office, and within minutes of my nephew requesting it, Saenz ordered it released.  He wants nothing to do with Sorola and Montoya.  I think he finally understands how dangerous and stupid Sorola really is.

All of these lies and defamation per se now against my nephew are part of the retaliation charge.

He has now amended his post with smoking gun emails wherein I am complaining Saenz does not seek restitution for the victims.  What a terrible person I must be to demand criminals pay restitution.


This has nothing to do with the State of Texas.  From the time Saenz took office I posted story after story that his crime victims unit was incompetent.  They had no idea what they were doing.  My emails clearly say restitution - which by Texas law means the criminal paying the victim and not the state.  But when Sorola is your legal advisor you have to know you will get it wrong.

Just digging the hole deeper.

Saenz staff did not understand any of this in the beginning.  They were confusing the two programs.  My complaint in the emails by its plain language goes to Saenz not seeking restitution.  There is not an ounce of truth to Montoya's or Sorola's claims.  Restitution by law is from the defendant not the state. 

The only people who need to be worried about a defamation suit is Mary Esther Garcia Sorola, Louis Sorola, and Juanito.  Remember this Sorola last time around, Montoya lied under oath and Robert Sanchez's insurance company paid $60,000.  When the moment comes Sorola you will learn to Montoya you are worth less than used toilet paper - you will be disposable.

Threatening someone with a defamation lawsuit who has filed a criminal complaint and State Bar complaint raises the question of, is Sorola still mentally competent?

Juanito feigns shock that he is being brought into it.  Hum?  He calls my nephew twice demanding that they speak and he has no idea why he is part of this.  I think it must be alcohol on the brain syndrome.

I would certainly like to see the source of the claim the $500 donation to Saenz came from Sorola.  I have never seen any such claim.  In the Villalobos case, Oscar de la Fuente testified over and over again that the clients would give him the money and then he would donate it to Villalobos in his name, so the clients name did not show up. 


They have the below Motion to Withdraw filed by Leticia Barguiarena.  Paragraph 2 says she "is unable to effectively communicate with her client."  In paragraph 7 she says she was able to give her former client the motion - so it was not a question he had disappeared.

If all she had to do is stand there while Gus Garza argued dismissal of the case, where is there a communication problem ?- other than as Sorola himself has now admitted there was no basis to the Double Jeopardy defense.  There was none - and all of these verifiable lies by his trained Monkey is only making the case easier to prove.

Saenz's office was quick to get me the above estimate to prove the lie.  They have no desire to be part of Sorola's self destruction.

I could not fall back to sleep.  I need a good breakfast.  When I get back I will have two stories to post.

The pain was bad and I could not breath.  Maybe with the morphine in my body, when mixed with the hydrocodone at 11:30 [with doctor's permission] I slept for 4 hours.  A new one is just kicking in - so I will try for another 2 hours.
I think the worse of the fever broke because when I woke up in pain, my sheets and pillows were soaked.  I had to do a complete change of everything including the mattress cover.
I learned a lesson - post surgery respiratory issues can get serious.  My disdain for Valley Baptist is why I took no action.  Next time I will just have to deal with VB. 
In my view they should be shut down. 
In January they nearly killed a family member of mine.  When the risk management person got caught falsifying the nurses notes [ by claim of their content] the surgeon laid into her making it clear he had personally seen in the nurses notes the request he be brought in, contrary to her claims otherwise.  He noted that his nursed called every day for two weeks to be told the attending assigned by VB had not signed the authorization.
It was only after an AFIB when the family member went to MICU that Dr. Pelly saw the attending had refused to call in the surgeon.  By then he was bleeding internally and required an immediate bowel resection.  Because the original attending did nothing but refuse to approve the specialist, the bowel obstruction became worse as bowel became lodged in the small intestines.
It was two weeks after the bowel resection before the lodged bowel passed and he could go home.
When the family lodged a very strong complaint against the staff the risk management person told them their father was old and in Gods hand and not theirs.  When a complaint was lodged against her, the CEO said VB is faith based and maybe the family had a problem with faith.  No, the family just wanted decisions made in medicine and not prayer.
The VB CEO point blank told us the nurses coming out of UTB are in it for the money and do not care about medicine or patients.  She told us finding nurses who care is a challenge and their recruitment options were limited.
I do not doubt a new hospital in Brownsville under the model of Doctors Renaissance would thrive and put VB and Valley Regional out of business in short order.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Side note:  Valley Baptist Harlingen makes Valley Baptist Brownsville look like a country club.  Never, ever again.  Most patients were on beds along the wall and not in the empty rooms.  A nurse could not do my EKG because she is uncomfortable touching men.  I had to help connect the tabs because she was not comfortable touching men.
I had to ask for a wheelchair to be taken to the men's room to change into a gown.  They use this portable wall which provides no privacy.
When I asked for painkillers I was told they are not authorized to write prescriptions for painkillers, but that they could give me morphine once my ride arrived.  The morphine did nothing for the pain.  It is going to be a long and painful night.


My personal doctor upon examining me was determined to stay with me until I was stable and all of the paperwork was done.  She told me to use "my way" to prevent VB from sending me home.  She wanted me admitted to Valley Baptist Harlingen.  They refused because the surgery was done at Doctors Renaissance.

My doctor and the ER doctor both told me my lungs were functioning perfectly normal.  Here is the problem - according to the ct scan I have bibasilar subsegmental atelectasis.   You cannot have this and have normal oxygen levels and normal lung function.

I was given one antibiotic.  I have to go back to the VA tomorrow for more antibiotics and a painkiller.  There will be no sleep tonight

I'm in horrible pain and struggling to breath.  VB was authorized to send me to Doctor's Renaissance if need be and chose not to.  Her shift was up and she was out the door.  No doctor ever discussed any findings with me.  I only know what I know because I demanded the lab work and ct scan read.

For more than 20 minutes last night I was screaming hysterically in pain.  My phone was in my bed, but in the panic I could not find it to call 911.  I finally somehow was able to move enough to get out of bed which relieved pressure on the back - and presumably the right lung, and liver. My fever is holding at 101. 
After I drop Buster for her bandage change I will wait got  a ride to Harlingen.  Almost any movement is incredibly painful.  Breathing is a major challenge.  I cannot talk - it is too painful because of the extra breaths you take.
Anyway I will have my Source Pro with me and be checking for emails.  I may even post something if I can, once I am checked in at the VA. My doctor knows I am coming early. I asked her to approve labs and x-rays right away so when she sees me about 6 the lab and radiology are not already closed.  I really do not want to have anything to do with Valley Baptist.  If she can just get me on a painkiller which works I can hold until Friday when I see the surgeon.  Also the labs and x-ray may lead to other testing she authorizes before my Friday appointment.  All of this will only serve to help Dr. Almeda.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


First the lie - unlike Montoya I actually have a command of the English language.

The following statement by Montoya is 100% a lie.

" Wightman posted a few days ago that Cameron County District Attorney Public information Officer Melissa Landin was a part owner (or a partner) of Solice Technologies, an ad company based at 7200 Bonham Rd,, in Brownsville."

At no time did I even imply Melissa Landin has any financial interest in Solice Technologies.


"Melissa Zamora Landin, while on the public tit as the POI for Saenz is working on Victor Cortez's campaign for sheriff."  Melissa admitted in her email to being Cortez' errand girl for his campaign. 

The allegation is true.  Nothing I posted remotely suggests that Landin has any financial interest in Solice.

But you see, Montoya being the eunuch he is, along with his compadre Sorola throws the false claim out there in hopes it sticks.  It will not because I never said it.  He and Zeke Silva hate Melissa and will stop at nothing to destroy her with lies.

As I told my readers Louis Sorola cannot be controlled.  Here is the deal, Montoya within hours of Sorola receiving the initial letter from the State Bar had it posted.  He cannot now claim he is not working with Montoya.  The complainant's number is not publicly known, but somehow there is Montoya calling the complainant demanding he speak with him.  Where but from Sorola did he get the number - Sorola who has the number as part of the complaint.

Saenz got in bed with the devil on this one - in the same way Sorola will destroy the career of his wife, JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola, he will keep on acting out of control thereby bringing more attention on Saenz's office.

This is too easy.

Judge Mary since neither you nor your husband know the law in Texas I will explain it to you.  Do you know why Raul Salazar's Motion to proceed as indigent was denied in his appeal, and why he has not filed a habeas corpus he would win?  He will not allow his wife's income to be considered by the court.  You see Mary Ester, Texas is a community property state - your income is Louis' and Louis' is yours. 

When Louis funds the addiction of a known alcoholic he is doing it with community property - namely your money.

Montoya will eventually get arrested again and the record will reflect you knowingly financed his addiction - YOU GO JUDGE

Editors Note:  If I stop posting it is because I cannot.  Something is wrong.  The fever will not go away and the pain has me in bed.  Walking from the bedroom to the kitchen is so, so painful, while breathing is nearly impossible.

The surgeon is trying to get me in before Friday.  But he has surgeries scheduled.   A VA doctor will see me tomorrow, but the way I am scheduled, it will be too late to run any tests, unless they send me across the street to Valley Baptist in Harlingen.