Saturday, June 20, 2015


I was not going to post today, but after working on a bunch of research for a project, I became sickened by what I have learned. I have learned a lot of good thinks - like some one's testimony they were broke when in fact they have millions of dollars worth or properties in Cameron county - a corporate structure which allows for the judgment to be satisfied - links to judges and lawyers who run cover for them. Hey but that is Brownsville so nothing new.

I get it, to win an election you must put together a political machine, unless you are wealthy enough to pay for a ton of mailers and a lot of block walkers.  So in politics while I hate it, I always see seemingly good candidates having to accept help from the scum of Brownsville because every vote counts.  Life is what it is.

But what I am seeing more and  more is millionaires in Brownsville playing all sides, while actually in fact only helping one side.  It is too easy to hide campaign money in the names of others and even dead people.  This is why we need to get serious about the laundering of campaign money.

I will just say this as a clue- Pat Ahumada was played as a big fool - he thought a friend was helping him, while in fact the friend was working to insure Tony Martinez would win.

What a sick system - but then given the caliber of our politicians it should shock no one how easy it is to play them.


Anonymous said...

What you are saying is all true. However, that is the nature of the beast Politic is no different in Brownsville than anywhere else. There are some rules to the game but they only come into play if you are caught not following them. As per Mr. Ahumada or any other candidate, the minute that they decided that they wanted to play the game of politics; they knew that anything could happen. One day you are on top of the world, the next day you may find yourself to be the greatest scum of the world. Mr. Ahumada had better days. Some politicians do not deserve to be elected but they should be respected for their efforts for playing the game of politics. Carl Thomas said, "One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician's objective. Election and power are." Happy Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

Bobby, how do view politics in Brownsville in comparison to other places?

BobbyWC said...

Not in an absolute sense because other small communities have the same type simpleton approach, but here the corruption and treachery are in the open because the politicians as a class see it as business.

This is large measure the result of no news media - the Herald and all TV media are worthless and major contributors to the problem.

IN larger cities the politicians are not so open about it - but it all happens.

Here in Brownsville many of the top politicians play at the same level as those in big cities. One you know enough about certain people they leave you alone because you can take them down.

When I look to why Saenz has not taken action agsinst certain people it leads me to believe the claims these people have on Saenz must be true and act as a roadblock to Saenz prosecuting them.

Saenz is very good at this game - he knows how to cause problems for the DOJ and FBI so he has become untouchable - for now - a law enforcement agency will open an investigation which touch upon Saenz - in another state - so he has no reach - but I know enough if the FBI tells them to pull back they will. But we shall see.

Our politics have zero to do with our proximity to Mexico - elected officials of all races and ethnic backgrounds get nail all of the time all over the US.

Because we are intellectually lazy we blame the Mexican factor.

The best weapon against corruption is a true and independent press. We do not have that so the corruption continues.

The blogs do play a smart part to help expose the problems.

BObby WC