Thursday, June 4, 2015



When I got to my truck I checked my emails.  My nephew was driving.  I believe there were maybe 7 back to back posts using every homophobic and four letter word in the dictionary.  You think I hit a nerve?  But the rejected post I disliked the most was the one that Brownsville pays 36% more for electricity than the national average.  An outright lie.  Even with all the rate increases BPUB will be cheaper than Magic Valley.

Now if you want to talk about the outright theft of money from BPUB customers for the bogus fuel surcharge - you will hear no defense of the surcharge from me.  If you want to talk about the complete incompetence of the BPUB in terms of properly educating the people about Tenaska - you will hear no defense from me.

But when you post 7 comments filled with vulgarities and an outright lie that we pay 36% more than the national average for electricity - all you are proving to me is you have no argument.


The above picture helps you to understand the problem.  I do not have a gallbladder. I am going on 4 years since it was removed.  You can see the size of the cystic duct.  Well mine is now larger than the original gallbladder.

Today when the doctor entered the main bile duct and reached the cystic duct he decided it was too dangerous to proceed.  I am already scheduled for Monday to see the surgeon.  The only option left is for the surgeon to go in and remove it.


In part 4 years ago I refused laparoscopic surgery over this very issue.  Click

" A postoperative cystic duct stump leak (CDSL) is a leak from the cystic duct stump in post cholecystectomy patients. It was rarely reported in open cholecystectomy patients. Since the advent of laparoscopic cholecystectomy the incidence of CDSL has increased with one study doing it to occur in 0.1 to 0.2% of patients"

Also more and more doctors recommend the old fashion surgery for people with a weight problem. 

In most cases they can remove the cystic duct with an old fashion surgery.  It is virtually impossible with Laparoscopic surgery.,  Also when you are dealing with a fatty liver the surgery is more complex which is why a full opening is safer. 

I knew all of this going in which is why I chose an old fashion cut.  The surgeon was very honest with me after the surgery.  He said even in my case with an open surgery he could not get to the cystic duct with a regular cut.  It is my understanding the cut this time will be different.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect ( and I DO RESPECT a lot of your opinions ) I disagree with you in what you say that Brownsville PUB is cheaper than Magic Valley. My parents have had Magic Valley Electric since 1972 and I've had Brownsville PUB since 1993. Part of our respective homes have energy saving windows, but neither home has central air; we both have window units. The size of both homes is very similar. My parents home bill is $50 to $100 dollars LESS than mine. The same number of people, the same electricity usage (I've checked both bills)At the end of the fiscal year, Magic Valley gives their subscribers a check (it is a cooperative). I know their next door neighbor got a $10 dollar check last year. My parents have gotten anywhere from $10 to $28 dollars. I've never gotten a nickle from PUB, except some rate increases over the years.

BobbyWC said...

here is the problem with your post - you fail to understand I can google and post the actual rates of the two


Rounding the high side up it is $.065 for The BPUB

Magic Valley

Rounding down it is $.096 for Magic Valley

Now how about posting your bill and your parents so we can compare the two.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I will not show or email any of my personal information in reference to my home electricity rates nor that of my parents. You are correct, you read it on their site, you are following what they post as public and official. You are correct.
Since I will not make public or show my electric bill or my parents electric bill, I would just like to ask, if anyone in the city of Brownsville that has PUB and did not have a mistake in their bill ever gotten a dollar check from PUB? Like I said before, the cooperative gives back to its members. Thank you sir.

BobbyWC said...

A big issue where the BPUB is taking money from its customers is the fuel surcharge. It should have been lowered when the price of fuel went down. Further, once the new plant is built the fuel surcharge should go away.

What people seem to not want to accept is, if the BPUB revenue goes down, then the millions they pay the city goes down. This will mean the city has to raise taxes. Magic Valley does not have to pay for all of the same infrastructure the BPUB pays for. We pay for it through our bills or taxes. One way or the other it is not free.

It would be a con for the BPUB to lower our fees to then have the city raise our taxes to cover the shortfall.

But I know people - that is what they want so they can then allege kickbacks

The city does not run itself on prayers - it runs itself on revenue

Bobby WC