Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Earlier before going to help a friend to buy a house, I was mowing the backyard.  Well I just got in and while letting Buster out I saw the city truck make two passes down the alley behind my house spraying for mosquitos.  I am grateful.  I will also spray my yard.

But earlier they were eating me alive


Tomorrow my doctor is going to take a second shot at cleaning out the cystic duct.  On May 21st, he tied but because of bile duct obstruction he could not.  He had to fix that problem first.

So I am off to bed.  I have a very early wake-up to get to the procedure.

Such as last time until he gets in there he will not know if he can do the procedure,  If he can depending on how it goes I go home tomorrow, or spend the night.

If he cannot get to it then he will get the VA to approve an emergency surgery wherein a surgeon will do an old fashion cut to remove the cystic duct and relocated the main bile duct from the duodenum to the small intestine.  I will know what happened when I wake up..  Every possible option is approved and signed off on by me.

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