Thursday, June 18, 2015

Take the lead on the investigation and prove to the people of Brownsville you have something to offer.  We all know Saenz will not touch this with a 10 foot poll.  If the claim is true, at most I think the state can link Trey Martinez to the problem - but I also believe to allow his son to walk, Tony would resign from office.  Now be careful, do not ask anyone how they voted.  All you need to do is ask if a healthcare worker goes to their home, asked that they complete a mail ballot, and who they work for.  If you can show 60-70 examples linked to the same home healthcare company, the state will have to open a formal criminal investigation.  It does not matter who they voted for - because the crime will exist independent of who they voted for.  If Trey Martinez can clearly be linked to the act, Tony will resign before he allows his son to be prosecuted. You have a new election Pat, and you are the hero.
When I submitted the trial transcript from Peña/Hernandez election contest which showed Margarita took a senior's mail ballot, the AG's office was very cooperative.  For years now they have been cooperative.   During these years I have warned them with evidence  they were being played by others, and possibly using compromised evidence. 
Never a problem - but now I present my theory and evidence in how Tony Martinez received 102 mail ballots and I get an email which says the Texas AG's office has no jurisdiction to investigate mail ballot fraud.  I would submit there are a hole bunch of politiqueras who are currently being prosecuted by the Texas AG who would beg to differ.  What we clearly have is selective prosecution.  I will go further, if my claim were to pan out the AG could find egg on his face for working with those who have actively been part of the new method of harvesting mail ballots.

Everyone who watches the mail ballots knows that since it was announced Margarita Ozuna would be prosecuted knows no one has come close to 102 mail ballots - not even on the same planet.  But then Tony Martinez goes from 44 to 102 mail ballots in the run-offs and the response is - eh - nothing to see here.

Before the election I was clued in to the following:

Tony's mail ballots would be high because home healthcare workers were used to get seniors to request mail ballots and then go back and influence how the mail ballot was filled in.

This is a very dangerous form of mail ballot harvesting.  Home healthcare workers are in the homes of hundreds of seniors and disabled voters.  No one would notice it because it is reality.  They are in part paid with federal funding, so the feds may have the jurisdiction the Texas AG is now saying they do not have.

We fought too hard to stop the politiqueras to allow for a new method of harvesting mail ballots.

I do not have the time or resources to interview everyone who voted by mail to ask a two simple questions, do you have a home healthcare worker and if yes, who do they work for?

JP Medrano in Dallas won the incumbent's election contest only to be forced from office after his conviction for violating a criminal component of the election code. 

If what I learned is true, and it can be linked directly to Tony Martinez he can be prosecuted and forced from office.

But here we are - the same old bullshit - because this case could cause problems for the AG all of a sudden they have no jurisdiction.  The AG has given healthcare workers a free hand to manipulate mail ballots, assuming the claim is true.  How sad - what was the point of all these prosecutions if the AG to avoid egg on their face was going to allow in a new form of harvesting mail ballots.

Selective prosecution is always bullshit.  So say good-bye to free and fair elections - the Texas AG has spoken.

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