Sunday, June 28, 2015


"Mercury emissions: Industry groups and Republican-led states assert that environmental regulators overstepped their bounds by coming up with expensive limits on the emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from power plants without taking account of the cost of regulation at the start of the process"

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There are three opinions due out on Monday - the one referenced above could impact Tenaska and the LNG's.  Let's hope the right to regulate is upheld, because if it is not a ruling against regulation could be a game changer for Tenaska and LNG's.

The other two decisions involve - death penalty by lethal injection.  The issue is not lethal injection or the death penalty, but the drugs which must be used to insure it is not cruel and unusual punishment.

The last decision is Redistricting Committees.  The Arizona Republicans have asked the Supreme Court to have their own law held unconstitutional.  They did not like how the Commission they created did the last redistricting so now they want the process they created held unconstitutional.  The Republicans in California are fighting the Arizona Republicans because if the Commissions are held unconstitutional, then Republicans in California will be the big losers.

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