Thursday, June 25, 2015



In a 6/3 ruling with Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Kennedy joining the liberals on the court, with Roberts writing the opinion, Obamacare stands.  The federal government can continue to pay subsidies for those under the federal exchange because states like Texas chose to not set up exchanges.

The Brownsville Housing Authority will want to read Texas Department of Housing.  The issue is disparate impact in allocation of housing funds.  It is not only about race.  The Brownsville Housing Authority refuses to enforce the contracts with the landlords who are part of the voucher program, or the discrimination statutes and in particular for families with children.  the landlords prefer seniors over family and the BHA helps them to carry out this intentional act of discrimination against families.

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Anonymous said...

Would somebody explain to me, where will the money come from to pay for this.

BobbyWC said...

Fair and great question - the exchanges for private company health insurance was the compromise the Republicans demanded to get Obamacare passed - do not forget that.

In our area this does not apply, but in places like Houston, Dallas, Ft Worth, El Paso San Antonio - etc where they have tax based hospital districts used by the poor - these taxes districts are now billing insurance for a lot of poor who previously received 100% of their healthcare from property taxes. In time the tax burden on property owners in these areas will go down as more and more of the healthcare is paid for by the insurance.


Look I do not like the system - the original plan was you could keep your insurance or enroll in an income based one payer system run by the government - The Republicans opposed this in favor of the exchanges which were run based on the market place and private insurance companies making money.

No one disagrees that Medicare spends less money on administrative costs than the private insurance companies - plus Medicare does not have to pay the stock holders profits.


The paper pushers at the corporations decide your healthcare and always will. Your doctor has to beg them to agree to procedures and medicines. We hear stories all of the time wherein the insurance company will not pay for a procedure or medicine.

So when the Republicans say through private insurance they want you to control your healthcare they lie - they want the corporations to decide if you live or die.

Unless you are paying cash for your healthcare and have millions you will never have control over your healthcare - that is a fact and every time the politicians say otherwise they lie.

Right now when someone goes to Valley Baptist without insurance everyone with insurance pays for it. They just increase the cost for those who can pay. So long before Obamacare you were paying for the medical care of those who could not afford it either through higher costs or through property taxes. In some states to fund public hospitals they charge a tax on your health insurance and then use that money to pay for healthcare for those who do not have insurance.

A one payer system where everyone pays based on income level is the smartest way to go. Of course everyone should be allowed to keep private insurance if they so choose. But the Republicans will never agree so we either pay for the poor through property taxes, income taxes, and higher healthcare rates, or be forced to buy from private health insurance companies. That is the Republicans solution.

I prefer the one payer system wherein in pay based on my income level, or choose to keep private insurance.

Bobby WC