Monday, June 29, 2015

In a case which is bad for Brownsville the majority found the EPA must consider the cost of compliance with emissions regulations when setting standards.  This means that if the cost for Tenaska or the LNG's is too high to limit toxic emissions, the EPA is powerless.  Now I oppose Tenaska - with the protection of the EPA, I could live with it - but unregulated toxins based on the cost of limiting them being too high is something I will never accept.
IN large part I left Dallas because there were too many Red Ozone days wherein I could not leave the house.  We must fight to keep Brownsville from becoming a dumping ground for more pollution in the name of progress.

The following facts are just ignored by the majority.

"OKLAHOMA: After Lockett received the first drug, midazolam, and was determined to be unconscious, the second and third drugs were administered. A few minutes later, Lockett began writhing on the gurney, mumbling, breathing heavily and straining to lift his head from a pillow. "

"OKLAHOMA: As Lockett continued to struggle on the gurney, the prison warden ordered the blinds lowered that allowed witnesses to see inside the death chamber. After learning there was a problem with the IV and that some of the drugs had leaked into Lockett's tissue or out of his body, the state's prison director called a stop to the execution."

"OKLAHOMA: Lockett was pronounced dead of an apparent heart attack 43 minutes after his execution began. The results of a state autopsy are pending, and an official cause of death has not been released. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has ordered an independent investigation into Lockett's execution, and the results of that probe have not been released. "

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 The issue is not the constitutionality of lethal injections or the death penalty.  The issue was the drugs being used.  You can read for yourself how these drugs work.  The Supreme Court found dying during execution in this manner is constitutional.


I have two other posts.  The last will be the Blue Wall of Silence by the police which needs to be addressed. The next will be two pages from the Arizona redistricting case.  The Supreme Court found the people can vote by referendum to impanel a redistricting committee.

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What is key to the opinion is they impliedly reversed Texas v. White, which abolished the right of rebellion, while acknowledging the government belongs to the people and not the Legislature.  I will publish separately the two key pages which every government and history instructor should use in class.

This is a great decision by the Court.

But also, the conservatives found that the people are second to the government.  This is the fundamental problem with Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Chief Justice Roberts.  They refuse to accept the people create the government in trust and can abolish that government when it no longer serves the ends of government as instituted by the people.

There is no government without the consent of the people, and the conservatives absolutely refuse to accept this.  Original Intent is the one thing these four have no use for.

The Legislature speak for the people and not themselves.  The people are the final work, not the legislature.

It's funny, the conservatives lost it when last week the Supreme Court ignored the will of the people through referendum in banning gay marriage, but today the same Justices attack the will of the people when they pass a referendum to take control of redistricting.

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