Tuesday, June 2, 2015



The story is not new.  It has been out there for months.  I believe it is her niece who has told several people she will be running for Precinct 1, not Sofia.  The game plan is Sofia will deny this story until the final hour to place your name on the ballot.  She will then remove her name in favor of her niece.  The hope is with no viable candidate challenging her, her niece will win.

Now that the story is out there, if she does as her niece claims and her niece has a formidable opponent, her niece will be trashed for being party to the lie.  This reality could force Sofia to stay in the race as the only way to insure the family doe not lose control of the seat. She may decide she want the Commissioners seat for her daughter.

The 2017, Legislative Session could see a change in the law which will require all JP's be lawyers.  This will mean Sofia's daughter will not be allowed to run for reelection in 2018.  Virtually every major newspaper in the state has called for a change in the law which would mandate JP's be lawyers.  I know of  Houston and Dallas members of the Texas House who have told me they believe they will have the votes in 2017. 

So the news is the Precinct 1 race is an open seat.  This is not for just anyone to run.  A problem we have in local government is we have too many people who can neither put together a political machine nor raise money who enter these races as spoilers.  Before you go out and announce you better makes sure you can raise the money and put together a political machine.  You begin by looking at machines within the precinct and see which will join your campaign.

Yes, anyone is free to run, and it is your right.  But the reality is you cannot win without money or a machine when your opponent has both.

If you want to run, you have to start thinking now.  You need to get out their and look for strong support from existing machines.  You have to swallow your pride and look to the money makers and see who will support you if you announce.  You need to be ready before you announce.

Benavides can deny this story all she wants, but the truth will only be known the moment putting your name on the ballot closes and we see who is on the ballot.

If you can raise the money and put together a machine, I suggest you start your campaign now - because even Sofia Benavides can be beat if she chooses to stay on the ballot, having realized her niece will face a formidable opponent.


He took down his 2016 sign for whatever it is he is running for.  All I saw was 2016 and precinct 2.  I did not see which position it was for.  Apparently someone got him to take down his sign on Boca Chica.


This one is going to be interesting because Saenz and Masso are going to bloody each other thereby leaving a qualified third candidate with a chance to take it. It is going to be a long summer - but come Fall the war of words should get interesting


Anonymous said...

Sophia will run dummy. You are wrong again.

BobbyWC said...

How about showing confidence in your prediction by putting your name to it - LMFAO on that one.

Sofia should not fear this post is she is running. She has a formidable machine and the ability to raise a lot of money. She will be a challenge to beat - although it is possible. So just ignore my post - she is running - she will win.

She will attack because she knows I am correct. Otherwise she would let it go because she has very little fear of losing.

The attacks will prove the truth of the story.

But let's see what happens on the day the deadline comes, whose names are on the ballot for precinct 1. Then we will know who is right.

Bobby WC