Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz said Livingston is in the custody of New Delhi officials who have up to 60 days to transfer him to the United States, once his extradition papers are signed. It is unknown when New Delhi officials will sign the papers"
So Saenz admits he has no idea when the extradition papers will be signed thereby allowing for Livingston to be transferred to the US.  How is this any different than what he told us in December? 
You know why I was kept out of the press conference, because unlike the incompetent reporters who were allowed in I would have asked, what has changed since December?  Answer - Nothing - so what is the point of the press conference?- to create a distraction from the problems in his office.
For all anyone knows the officials in India will sign the extradition papers within the hour.  But that line has been playing since December with no result.


Anonymous said...

It seems that this situation is similar to the pending indictment within in six months of the District Attorney as you predicted over a year ago. Perhaps you are correct, everything take time.

BobbyWC said...

Amit Livingston is a major source of intelligence for the Indian government. They have a major problem with separatists and terrorists who use fake passports and IDS.

As to Saenz, he is 100% untouchable which is why he has not been indicted. When I first saw the indictment coming I did not know he was untouchable.

The feds will never act, regardless of what he does.

Saenz has no reason to fret - he knows as well as I do the feds will not act - so he has a free hand - unless we can get a national story which humiliates the FBI and DOJ and then Washington may be willing to throw their local operatives under the bus

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I believe that Even if he knew. He could not say for the safety of everyone involved in the transporting of the prisoner.

BobbyWC said...

You are 100% correct. This is all the more reason he should say nothing. Amit will be a target in a US prison, unless he is in protective custody. These terrorist groups want him dead for what he knows. It is reckless for anyone to discuss his where abouts