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The sad part is, Roman will tell us again he is going off to earn his PhD, but yet be here in two years to run against Rose Gowen.

All you Pat supporters - he is going nowhere - he will run again.

These two need to take a hint - Tony Martinez is despised but when push came to shove people stayed home or voted for Tony Martinez.

Roman can run for office, but not from who he is. 

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If last time is any indicator, the COB will post the returns first. I will be keeping an eye out at 7 p.m. Remember Remi Garza will have the early vote count ready to be published at 7 p.m., but if one of the people who needs to be there before he can release it is still at dinner and running late, Remi Garza cannot release the returns.

Click for Returns as Posted by the COB


Early Voting

WINNER Tony Martinez  3011 Early 102 Mail Ballots Total 3113

Note with 102 mail ballots we need the AG in Brownsville Monday investigating.  Tonight I will inform the AG Attorney assigned to mail ballot harvesting of the unusual number asking that an investigation be opened.  I have more information I have been holding.  In the case of JP Medrano in Dallas - he won the election contest, but was removed from office after his criminal conviction for participating the election fraud.  I've been holding inside information because this has been my goal with Tony. 

He needs to be made powerless.

Pat Ahumada

1729 Early votes, Mail Ballots 40 Total 1769

With 63.67% of the early vote I am declaring Tony Martinez the winner


Early Voting

WINNER Rick Longoria 410 Early Vote 18 Mail Ballots Total 428

Roman Perez 321 Early Vote 13 Mail Ballots  334 Total

With  56% of the early vote I am declaring Rick Longoria the winner.


" Tony Martinez will easily take 65% or more of the vote.  It would not surprise me if he hits 70% or more."

At this point Tony is at 63.67% - its called math.  I was able to use several statistical formulas to predict a number based on known numbers.  65%  was the lowest number for Tony so I went with that, after using different approaches to my calculations


Anonymous said...

Spot on !

Anonymous said...

Does this mean my taxes and light bill will be increasing????

BobbyWC said...

Your comment reflects your lack of interest in reality and love for being taken as a sap.

There is no going back on Tenaska - Pat lied to get votes. But people like you prefer lies over reality because it makes you happy.

My BPUB is going down - yours is going up because you are waiting on the government to make your home more energy efficient.

To pay the "Me Too Clause" judgment I cannot see how the city avoids raising taxes. That was going to happen one way or the other - and it started under Pat Ahumada - his administration could have saved us a fortune by settling 4 years ago.

But depending on a variety of variables the city might be able to raise tax revenues through industry.

The city is going to lose tax revenue over the extraterritorial jurisdiction issue.

But please tell me - 4 years ago Pat promised to fix everything while lowering taxes and then after taking office when he broke his promise he claimed he did not know about the budget problems.

On what planet do you lower taxes but increase spending?

I spent 4 years asking Pat to fix Iowa which is every visitor's first impression of Brownsville - he could not even fix one of the most important roads for image purposes .

You people love to be made saps of.

Now the election is far from over. Several city commissioners believe they have the four votes to stop Tony - that was the goal - if its true we have won.

Tomorrow I hope to finish compiling the information I have on the names of the people who worked the mail ballots for Tony Martinez. The AG will take about two weeks to verify if my theory based on a specific interview I had with someone yesterday is true. If it is true, indictments will follow. Tony could actually see himself removed from office based on criminal prosecution.

Now that would be perfect. No Tony no Pat and we get a chance at a real mayor.

The AG can have an opinion within two weeks. It will then be a matter if they will prosecute.

The problems is, Tony Martinez has Diane Dillard, wife to federal judge Hanen compromised so our Republican AG may not be willing to prosecute.

We shall see.

Anyone with a half a brain can figure out who harvested the mail ballots. I suspected it, but until yesterday I did not have the eyewitness testimony which will convince the AG my source is very credible. I have information only an insider would know.

This elections is far from over.

Bobby WC