Tuesday, June 9, 2015


In a county where knowing the right person is more important than merit, it was nice to read last night Remi Garza will be hired as the new Elections Administrator.

I like to say I know that I know,  Remi Garza took over the elections office at the last minute just before several small elections throughout the county.  The Brownsville City Commission being the largest of them.

Sergio Zarate did Remi Garza a favor - the recount showed that the original count was flawless.  The recount was a feather in Remi's cap because it proved he ran a tight and successful election.

Unlike in past elections no candidate complained about incompetence by Remi or his staff.

Chris Davis fought the releasing of statements which verified many ballot bags arrived with broken seals.  That election was so compromised I believe had he not hid this reality any candidate who had filed an election contest would have won based on a ruling the number of bags with a broken seal made it impossible to declare a real winner.  The truth only came out after I filed an Open Records Enforcement with the AG against Chris Davis.

Remi got the results out on a timely basis, and as the recount made clear the original count was spot on.

This past election for all practical purposes was flawless, to the extent an election can be flawless.

Yes it was small compared to what is coming next March during the primaries, but it allowed Remi to get his feet wet.  The November election will be even smaller.  There will be seven constitutional amendments

I do not see people getting excited over any of the proposed constitutional amendments.  There is one which will lower school district property taxes just a bit. It can go either way.  The benefit to the property owner will be minimal, but the loss of revenue to the school district could sting.  It is a con job Amendment to make the Republicans look good at the expense of the education our children.

The idea Remi Garza is not qualified because he worked for Gilbert Hinojosa is what is so wrong with this county.  No one worked harder against Gilbert Hinojosa being elected the State wide chair of the Democratic Party than me.  I sent emails to every county chair asking the question if Gilbert could not get people to vote Democrat in Cameron county, what made them think he could do it state wide?  I also outlined numerous complaints the people of Cameron county had against him. 

Many county chairs forwarded to me Gilbert's defamatory email in response to my claims.  Not every county chair voted for him.

For all of the disdain my fellow bloggers have for Gilbert Hinojosa when it came time to act and try and make a difference they did nothing - but then of course no one was paying to educate the state about the truth.



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BobbyWC said...

Now, instead of proving to my readers you are an asshole, how about telling them what he did wrong in this election which would indicate he is not qualified for the position.

Why get to the merits of the issue when being an asshole requires so fewer brain cells?

You know what, the blogs will keep on eye on him - he knows this - he knows Montoya is going to trash him for ordering too much toilet paper for his office.

If he screws up or tries to manipulate an election the blogs will be all over it and his career will come to a crashing end.

But what everyone knows for sure is, he came to the job on short notice and did a great job in running the elections. Zarate's hand recount proved the original count was spot on - not one change in the vote.

Every time a candidate had a concern with improper electioneering, he ran to the spot and ended any possible wrong doing.

Somehow that is wrong in your mind - well among those of who believe in rewarding merit we find it commendable.

It seems to me you had someone in mind who would do dirty work for your side.

Remi is quite smart - he knows his every move will be monitored by the bloggers. This is one area where blogging has helped. All of the candidates know they can come to us and force the issue of any wrongdoing - and I can assure you the blogs will be there.

His big test will be the March 2016, primary - he knows he will be watch.

Why not become an election judge so you can be on the front lines protecting our votes.

Bobby WC