Sunday, June 7, 2015



Buster will be 13 in August.  For a dog of her breed and mix her average life span is 13-15 years.  She is very, very healthy and active.  In fact when she gets to chasing along the fence the quads in the alley I will bring her in to make her stop.  She will chase them back and forth until she drops.

She loves to play in the backyard in the morning and evenings.  In fact at night I have to force her in. 

Between two baths - typically 7-10 days apart, she grew a benign tumor the size of a golf ball on her right leg.  The doctor is certain it is benign.  She does not even notice it.  She never touches it.  There is no visual impairment in terms of her walking or running.

The dilemma is the doctor is not sure if he can remove the tumor without leaving her a cripple.  He is not sure there will enough skin to cover the open wound.  So there is a chance she will be a cripple, and even if she heals it could take up to six months before she is fully recovered and able to return to running like she does now.

The vet and I agree she is down to the final round in terms of her life, albeit very healthy and active.  So the question is do I have the benign tumor removed and chance making her a cripple or leaving her with up to six months to heal, or just leave it.

There a reasonable chance within the next year or two she will die of old age.  If she were 10, I might chance it, but given how much she loves to play I've decided to let it be.  I'd rather chance the tumor being cancer, which is highly unlikely, than take away 6 month of what little remains of her life.  Worse possibly making her a cripple until she dies of old age.

Buster is basically a disciplined dog.  She will always hold it before having an accident in the house.  She has never been a chewer.  She has been very good with Bela and her brother Benigno.  She loves kids.  Her only big issue of late is, if the phone rings she will bark up a storm until I give her a treat.

So in pondering a dog's life, I've decided at this late hour in her life it is better I chance the tumor becomes a complication later on, than chance making her a cripple now or taking away 6 months of her life so that she can heal.

For now, she runs, sleeps, and of course poops.

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Anonymous said...

Good choice. Applaud your decision.