Friday, June 19, 2015


There is no doubt in my mind that if McAllen were on the coast, Brownsville would empty out and be left to the unethical self serving vulchers who keep Brownsville and Cameron county from moving forward.

The McAllen model is one of a metroplex.  McAllen, Pharr and Edinburg all merge into one big metroplex.

Good governance requires the confidence of the people,  It is hard for the people to have confidence in government when the county judge votes to give a 10% raise to the brother of a county commissioner, who also practices law before the very judges who he the county commissioner, Dan Sanchez, voted to give the raise.  It surprises no one that the third necessary vote came from Sofia Benavides.  Does anyone doubt that a deal was cut to insure Sofia Benavides' daughter, Justice of the Peace Mary Esther Garcia [Sorola] will get a raise when the time comes.

On the issue of the raise for the district judges, I have no problem.  Our district judges are underpaid.  Until we are willing to pay a proper salary to the district judges, we will not get the best of the best to serve as judges.

My issue is two commissioners with family members as judges voting on judicial raises.  The appearance problem is enough to discourage people.  I am aware the raise as of now only applies to district court judges, but with both Sofia Benavidas and Dan Sanchez voting in round one it means they will vote in round two.  The appearance problem causes people to loose confidence in government.

All raises should have been part of the budget, with judicial raises being voted on separately so that Dan Sanchez and Sofia Benavides could abstain.

Pete Sepulveda walked into this because he fails to understand the appearance issue, and how good governance works if you expect to move the county forward.

I have no confidence this county commission has the insight and intellect to move us forward as a metroplex.  Our city government is a joke - word has it Cesar de Leon has already met with Jaime Escobedo - we know where that is heading - the city security contract.

Surrender people - go to the beach - live your life - Brownsville will move forward in spite of our elected officials - but the move forward will be slow and painful,  As to Lincoln Park - it is gone - we do not even have the votes to put it on the July 7th agenda to take it off the table in term of negotiations with U.T.  Tony plays this city commission like fools, and they will never learn their lesson.  Poor Cesar de Leon - telling people not to push the issue to test him and to just trust him.

So again, surrender - just go enjoy life and pretend there is no county or city government - hell pretend - no need to pretend - we have no county or city government - just easily played idiots, and manipulators who play the idiots.


Anonymous said...

Why does commissioner Tetreau, who abstained from voting on Lincoln park show her true colors and raise or place on the agenda the Lincoln park issue. Challenge your girl - Bobby.........

BobbyWC said...

First of all Tetreau is nothing more than my commissioner. What I am being told through several sources is that a commissioner wants the issue on the July 7th agenda but cannot get a second to put the issue on the agenda.

Rick and Cesar are working with Jaime Escobedo - more bad news. They might want to remember Enrique was being served with a search warrant the morning he was found dead from a self inflicted wound - although I am not certain I am buying that finding.

Cesar does not want to be pushed to show his true colors.

So even if a commissioner is fighting to put Lincoln Park on the July 7th agenda - how do they do that if no other commissioner will sign off on the agenda item?

Lincoln Park is lost.

Where is Valley Interfaith? They disappeared on the issue - or are they playing the game of politics with Cesar and others.

Once commissioner cannot do it. It takes two.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to Gracia and Mary Ester already requesting raises? Are these two delusional?

BobbyWC said...

The question is a distraction because it implies the other county employees are not asking for a raise - they all want a raise - my issue is with how they are going about it. And as to all judicial raises Sanchez and Benavides should abstain.

Appearance is everything in order to gain the confidence of the people.

When the hospital district goes down in flames - Pete may finally realize the people still control the final decision.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The most successful attorneys in the county will never leave a lucrative law practice to be a state district judge. The financial incentive is not in working as a district judge. Please note that incumbent judges are not abandoning their elected positions to go back to private practice. The judicial work schedule is very favorable and the benefits are excellent. They don't work evenings or weekends. They don't need to worry about making a payroll, etc. etc. Really, there is no "brain drain" occurring in judicial positions in Cameron County. I just wonder if County Judge Carlos Cascos would have acted hastily on the salary increases for the
highest paid officials on the county payroll.