Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Texas A&M is giving to us not taking.  It is time to tell UT to go screw itself.  There will be consequences if Lincoln Park is not on the July 7th agenda.  We do not need nor want UT.

EMAIL YOUR CITY COMMISSIONERS:  Tell them removing Lincoln Park from the discussions with UT must be on the July 7th Agenda or there will be consequences.  Tell them Texas A&M is who we want, not UT.  It seems to me the TSC Board of Trustees is doing the right thing by bringing Texas A&M in at no cost to us.  Anyone who knows the UT Engineering program knows our students are having to go to Edinburg for the advance courses.  Texas A&M wants to bring the courses to us. 

Texas A&;M is a better match for South Texas.  Farming is a big part of who we are. Whether we like it or not natural gas is about to become a big part of South Texas.  The Mexican pipe line from South Texas to Mexico will be important to us whether we like it or not.  Texas A&M engineering programs are more in tune with Brownsville.

Dump UT -

Here are some examples of what A&M is doing for us:

"McALLEN, RGV – On a visit to the Rio Grande Valley on Wednesday, Dr. Brett Giroir, CEO of Texas A&M Health Science Center, explained why A&M is investing so heavily in South Texas.
“Some people say, are you here because of all the problems in South Texas. I say, no, it is not at all and you are missing the point. We are here because of the promise of South Texas,” Giroir said, while attending the signing of an articulation agreement between his institution and South Texas College."

"WESLACO, RGV – The University of Texas is trying to stop Texas A&M University-Kingsville from launching a school of engineering in the Rio Grande Valley, arguing that it is duplication of educational opportunities already provided in the region."

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