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In looking for a graphic for this post, this one is perfect. Why do you call this a mug?  Because someone along the way created the word - key created the word based on an observation.  The word mug exists because someone created it.

Thousands of years ago, early man uttered a sound to distinguish between babies born with a penis and babies born with a vagina.  Through the process of the social construct we got to where we are today on gender identity.   But none of it is based on science.  Cavemen drawings prove same gender relationships have always existed.  Nearly every indigenous group in the world speak of same gender relationships.  Among Native Americans it was considered part of humanity.  In some groups they were made shamans, in others they were just people. The Spaniards were horrified how accepting the Incas were of same gender relationships.
But religion got into the mix,. not science, and the social construct changed perceptions and created needless bigotry.  During Biblical times procreation was important.  People needed children to farm the land.  The governments needed many men to fight their wars.  So rules were made to stigmatize those in same gender relationships.  It is interesting that in the middle east in some countries young men can have sex with other men as much as they want so long as it is only for sex and with an understanding they will marry and have children.  Many war veterans will tell you Iraqi men would say, "sex with men is for fun, and with woman for making children."  So long as they do not identify as homosexual, there is no crime.  Again a social construct to allow men to relieve their sexual urges until they are ready to marry.  It keeps them away from the women and keep the women as virgins.
"They found significant differences between male and female brains in four regions of white matter – and the female-to-male transsexual people had white matter in these regions that resembled a male brain (Journal of Psychiatric Research, DOI: 10.1016/j.jpsychires.2010.05.006). "It's the first time it has been shown that the brains of female-to-male transsexual people are masculinised," Guillamon says."
So now the question is, do we identify gender based on the development of a social construct started with an utterance by a caveman or based on science?
Other than the social construct - what evidence is there that men have penises and woman have vaginas?  Why must we all be the same on this issue, when based on genetics we are all different in size, height, eye and hair color.  It was Hitler who insisted there was only one norm. Why are we buying into this?   
In short order doctors will be able to tell parents the true gender of their child based on a blood test, and not based on genitalia.  Finally with MRI evidence which demonstrates gender, doctors are moving away from this social construct.
I know it hard for people to understand - but answer me this, why is it normal for people to have different hair and eye color, or be tall or short - or have huge penises versus what studies show to be an average of 5-6 inches, or be skinny or fat, but everyone who is male or female must have the same genitalia.
Christine Jorgensen, 30 plus years after undergoing what they called gender reassignment surgery - this is now increasingly being rejected because gender is defined in the brain, Ms. Jorgensen told Opra that while she was happy with her decision, but women can be happy with a penis. 
These women who are embracing themselves and rejecting the social definition of gender are also caught in the social construct of what the penis or vagina means. The lucky ones end up with a therapist who makes them spend a year exploring how they feel about their penis.  Some love the sexual experience and feel confused.  The competent therapists simply tell them they just happen to be a woman with a penis.  Others will tell you they have never had an erection or ejaculated even though they are already in their 20's.  They simply have no interest or use for their penis.  The latter are the candidates for reconstructive surgery but not the fromer.
We as human beings will never reach our full potential so long as we put the social construct over science.  It is ridiculous that people and doctors call something a defect because it is not what the majority have.
I will never forget my gastroenterologist in Dallas at the VA always arguing with me about the correlation between fiber and colon disease.  You were not going to convince him a high fiber diet does not prevent colon disease.  We were raised on a very high fiber diet - beans every day.  Genetically all 7 of us have diverticulosis.  According to the gastroenterologist this is caused by a low fiber diet and constipation.
When I read in the Dallas  Morning News his own study showed no correlation between a high fiber diet and a decrease in colon disease, I could not wait for my next appointment.  You know what he told me - "my study was clearly flawed."  He could not accept his own study.  When he finally diagnosed me with diverticulosis it was against his will.  Originally a Fellow did the scoping and made the finding. It was a sigmoidoscopy so I was awake and could see all of the diverticula.  But the Chief said no - "you cannot have a long history of ulcerative colitis and then develop diverticulosis."
Well the head of the hospital ordered him to redo the scope.  He did a colonoscopy which requires sedation.  He refused to sedate me because he wanted me awake to prove there were no diverticula.  I screamed during most of the procedure.  He kept on saying "this cannot be possible."  You see as a doctor he could not throw off the social construct that fiber prevents colon disease in favor of the science and genetics.
After a brother of mine recently had a heart attack and the doctor reviewed the medical records of other family members the doctor declared heart disease in my family is genetic.  My brother had normal cholesterol and blood pressure.  He was on no medication, but somehow had major blockage.  It will be another 10 years before cardiologist accept some heart disease is genetic and not based on diet, cholesterol or blood pressure.
Consider my words - you can go with the science and then just love people for who they are or go with a social construct which began with an utterance by a caveman.
You will never live your full potential and see the wonderful mosaic of humans which are God's creation, until you throw off the social construct.

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