Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This is a combination post as a message for people I know who will be looking to the BV for a status on a certain family member of mine, and to say I am sick - real sick - I have a major cold and cough.

I was in McAllen when I had to cancel some of my plans to rush back to Valley Regional.  For those I know looking for information he is stable.  The problem is the same as earlier in the year - but maybe not so bad this time.

The team of doctors who saved his life last time are on it.  Although as to the surgeon the ER doctor refused the request of the family and PC to write orders to allow the surgeon to see the family member.  There were several very angry doctors who were in disbelief.  By the time he was taken to his room I was told to tell the family it was just a misunderstanding and shown the orders which had just been signed.

This is what happened at Valley Baptist earlier in the year.

The family has left orders no visitors other than family and Bob.  He cannot be stressed out by having to tell the same information over and over again.  Hopefully this one will resolve on its own without another surgery.  We are hopeful he will be out in a day or two.  The surgeon will see him in the morning.  I should be at Valley Regional most of the day.

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