Thursday, June 11, 2015

My insurance company hired the above company.  I called him last night and he was here today two hours ahead of schedule.  He called to me to be sure I was here before arriving.  It took about a half hour.  It was the capacitor.  My cost was $60.00.  He will bill my insurance $130 minus my deductible.  He and his assistant were professional and very helpful. 
I could be wrong but I think to replace a capacitor for $130 is pretty good.  This includes the cost of the part.
I love to recommend family owned businesses who I believe deliver a quality product.  You might want to keep their name and number around.


Anonymous said...

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Yes, you may be wrong. Capacitors can be replaced for less than $70.00 which include labor and materials.

BobbyWC said...

I would like to see where - they were here for 30 minutes - two people - the owner and his assistant. When you include travel time. My house is 2000 square feet - you are looking at, at least $30 for the part - then labor - with travel time and gas and insurance he would go out of business if he charged much less.

At $20 an hour you cannot but a house and pay your bills. He also has the cost of his tools, the van,

I think the price is good

According to Angies list his price was spot on.

Plus he was timely

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The capacitor is a small gadget that you disconnect and connect again. Like you stated, it may cost less than $30.00. You do not need two individuals to do the work. The work can be done in less than 15 minutes. As for being on time, there are many air condition repairmen that are very punctual and willing to work even on the weekends. In your case, you were paying for two workers who took their time in checking the whole system which justify why you were charged $130.00 which is comparable to Angie's list. Why am I telling you this, because you stated that you may be wrong. You are not wrong in what you paid for, but you a wrong that it was "pretty good" that you paid $130.00 to have the capacitor replaced at that price.

BobbyWC said...

You are correct how I worded it. The price is within Angie Lists range - the price is going to be different based on the size of unit, which is why I said my house is 2000 squ feet.

As to two people - they come with two people who need to be paid. Until they get here and check the unit they have no idea what the problem is - neither they nor have time for them to call in a second person because it turns out they need a second person.

These projects are all different and until they get here they have no idea what they are up against.

The insurance company paid for an electrician one time and he came by himself when he needed a second person - so I had to be the second person - I was not happy.

The nature of the business requires they come prepared for many possible options. I would have been very mad had they needed two people and only one came

bobby WC