Monday, June 1, 2015


Rick Longoria messed up for Tuesday's agenda.  He could have had put on the agenda taking Lincoln Park of the table for discussions with UT and restoring the broadcasting of public comment.  He just did not see the opportunity going into the run-off of showing the voters he is on their side.


Weir Dam

County Judge Pete Sepulveda is pushing the weir dam.  The city needs to get on board fast.  We have to think smart.  The reservoir can be build now, while holding back only enough water to take care of the needs of Space X.  The reality is, we can back up the river through downtown without a need for major infrastructure changes.  We cannot do it the way it needs to be done, but it can be done on a small scale now, so that it is ready when Mexico decides to get on board.

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

The city of Brownsville needs to settle this matter with the other cities.  Going into an election it was a lose, lose situation for all commissioners and the mayor.  Had they voted to do the right thing, the short term loss of tax revenue would have been used against them. Brownsville needs to begin to think metroplex.  We will never have a metroplex so long as Brownsville is in a territorial jurisdiction battle with the other cities. 

Airport Runway

I have documented one lie after another about extending the runway since 2003.  The city commission needs to stay on top of this.  Another misleading promise on the issue will not serve Brownsville well.

Restoration of Airing of Public Comment

I defy Mark Sossi to name one lawsuit wherein a city has been sued for a comment made by a citizen during public comment.  It is one big lie and it is time the city put the lie to an end.

Lincoln Park

Cesar de Leon and Debbie Portillo need to be put to the test - it is too late for Tuesday's meeting but the public comment issue and Lincoln Park issue need to be placed on the agenda.  We will then know whether Cesar de Leon played the voters.


Tony will pressure the commission into thinking his impending landslide victory means he has the support of the people.  Not - in round one the majority rejected Tony.  Had there been a viable candidate on the ballot Tony would have been lucky to secure 30% of the vote.  His victory will be another rejection of Pat Ahumada and not an endorsement of Tony Martinez.  I can only hope the city commission realizes that Tony is wounded and now is the time to take power.

A Book Store

I will be in McAllen a good part of Monday.  I will spend time at Barnes and Noble.  McAllen a smaller city than Brownsville has two Barnes and Noble - we have nothing.  A book store is more than a place for avid readers like myself to browse for new books.  It is a message to new businesses that we are modern

We Need to End Voting Blocks

Voting blocks serve no one.  Yes I want Tony stopped on Lincoln Park and real estate deals, but that does not mean he will never have a good idea.  I do not want a block opposing Tony for the hell of it.  We need intelligent discussion on the issues, otherwise it becomes a commission of petty politics.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is Sepulveda doing to push the weir dam? Can you mention one thing he is doing on this matter?

BobbyWC said...

When he took office he said it was something which needed to get done.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I hope - but if it says extension then they are not hiring - and that was what I was trying to stop.

I have a long day - I was up until 3 a.m. working on papers for my brother. I'm off to the VA in Harlingen - then the VA nursing home in McAllen and then Congressman Vela's office

I will do my best - but my issue was to stop the hiring - the contract extension is a different issue

But using a contract extension as a way to bypass the hiring process will not fly with the TEA either

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

When he took office he said it was something which needed to get done.

Bobby WC

So he has done nothing but say it is something needed to get done? Seems like he has done nothing on the matter, and will do nothing.