Friday, June 19, 2015

The above graphic goes with the below post by McHale.  As to myself I am getting more confident taking the bus in Matamoros.  I never wear shorts, and only carry pesos.  I never speak English.  Fitting in and dressing down seems to work in terms of fitting in on the bus.  But by no means am I saying it is safe.
When Rick Longoria said he was sticking with McHale out of friendship, I said at least Rick was being honest and that I had no problem with the friendship issue.  McHale sticks with Juanito out of friendship - that is not a bad thing - so he wants to mock me while protecting Juanito - I am fine with that - he sticks with his friends - that is not a bad trait.
When it comes to making friends I am very circumspect.  I am not into being friends with people for the sake of having friends.  As it is I believe I have too many.  I still communicate with high school and college friends.  I have friends from everyone I have lived.  I just do not jump on the bandwagon of having a 1000 friends.  It is too easy to be disappointed when you have too many friends.
I need someone who can go into Mexico, someone who has drunk tequila with the politicos, the mafiosos, the coyotes and the whores. Do you think you can find me that someone?
I know a few guys who might be interested.
But I want something special, something written with the economy of Hemingway, the beauty of Fitzgerald, the sensuality of Miller, the humor of Steinbeck. Do you know anyone?
I think so.

I'm not talking bullshit! I'm talking commitment. Someone like Gauguin who would leave his family because his work was more important. Someone like Van Gogh who would cut off his ear in search of the truth. Is there anyone?

There's this one fellow who might be your man.

I'm talking art! Do you understand me? Art! Do you know what art is? I'm talking about a calling. I'm talking about being struck from your horse like St. Paul. I'm talking spirituality. A person who believes so strongly that he would do this assignment for nothing. Who is this friend of yours?
I don't think he'd be interested."

Because McHale has real people by name commenting on his writing, he comes across as real.  Anony comments which promote bullying are never good.  But his FB comments show a following or people who get him and seem to be his friends.  In my view it ads substance to his writing whether you agree with him or not.

McHale seems to have found a place for his voice.  We all need controls.  FB seems to be the voice of reason editor McHale needed to make his writing more interesting.  We shall see if he can hold.

Check out his FB page - you may enjoy some of what you read.


brownsville literary review said...

Thank-you, Bobby. I really appreciate the kind words. Or are you like the rest of us diabolical bloggers: We build up our favorite targets so we can knock them down again. Regardless, you do the community a service with your commentary. Why? Because you scare the shit out of those in power. In fact, you scare the shit out of your fellow bloggers once in a while. We get a taste of our own medicine and we act as a checks and balances. Keep up your good work and please don't write anything positive about me for at least a year. They might think we were in bed together...figuratively speaking, of course. Happy Father's Day. I know from your writings that your father had a strong influence on you.

BobbyWC said...

No Jerry, I truly believe you are finding your voice on FB. I hope you continue to allow the FB rules to be your editor. I like the comments from real people - it makes your writing more real.

Life is what it is - You know I have been very clear the contempt motion is without merit as a violation of free speech - the one thing you know about me is I stick to my beliefs and do not allow the character to influence my beliefs. Believe me I will get phone calls and email for this post - and I will tell them I change my views for no one.

This is not a back handed complement - I am better enjoying a lot of your writing - art is complex - it must be viewed with an open eye and from many perspectives. I think FB has been good for you. I hope the format allows you to continue to explore your inner muse in a way which promotes your writing.

You know under FDR no matter how many times my father was arrested as a union organizer and communist for associating with Jews, he always went back to organizing workers. Mom was the same way.

They hate mom in the hospital where she died after they put her in the mental health ward for female hysteria. As I have told the story she died from a hear attack within the hour. I was with her when we arrived at the emergency room the first time. You could see they hate on their faces. But she held until Nassau County Medical Hospital had to put all signs in Spanish and English. It gave her great pride to see those signs, and the hate on their faces.

We do what we do. Enjoy Austin - I never told you this but my sister Betty and her son and grandchildren live in Modesto.

God has his ways of connecting people.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It has been great hearing from my "gringo loco". Not on fb; therefore, not able to read your articles. However, we do miss the Brownsville Blues on the blog. Happy Father's Day to you, Bobby and the other local bloggers. We appreciate reading all the local bloggers.