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"Jones closed his book with an open letter to Ethan: “No matter what the state of Alabama or anyone else says, we are and always will be a family. … You and your dad make being a father and a husband the most remarkable and unexpected accomplishment of my life.”

'n this steamy night, the two gay parents and their straight son are sweating and shoving as they fight to win a roughhouse driveway basketball game called Cheater Ball. That’s followed by shooting practice at a dirt berm in the backyard – a .357 pistol for Ethan, a 12-gauge shotgun for Jones and a Colt M4 carbine for White."

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Could this family be any more southern and Anglo.

No the Republicans prefer their House Speakers and Members fooling around with boys and men in secret and airport bathrooms.  That's the healthy lifestyle the Republicans prefer.

The Marriage Equality decision will come any time now.  We are in June - it is the month the Supreme Court always issues its more controversial decisions.

Marriage Equality is about dignity - being accepted.  Unfortunately it is also about benefits.  For example if I were to marry and my social security is the larger of the two and I died first my partner would get my social security instead of his.

I've never been much for marriage because I believe it is a private matter between two people. The state has no interest in it - well maybe other than regulating the age and capacity of consent.  Of course in his dissent Justice Scalia will ignore the fact it was not until about the mid-1800's that the courts started to issue opinions saying the State had an interest in divorce, not marriage and used contract law to protect the rights of the wife and children as men would abandon them - not a family law code.

So Marriage Equality will come to Texas any time now, and I will remain single.  In my age group the only men who want to date are married.  Yea, not my cup of tea. 

I warn those getting ready to go out and get married.  You are turning your entire financial life over to the state.  No one believes their marriage will end - but 50% or more of them do.  If you insist on the piece of paper to make your love real and valid, then sign a prenup, which will keep the state out of your finances.  My home is my safety - I would never compromise it or allow anyone to take it from me - but if your marry guys that can happen.

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