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The candidates without substance are themselves or through their supporters posting endless rumors about the other candidates.  The BV rejects them all.  On the Sheriff's race, unless a well funded with a strong political machine democrat challenges Lucio he will win by a landslide again.  Guys, please do something to end your misery - if the best you have is he is old you have nothing.  Endless rumors about his age and who is running the show will not get through at the BV, and neither will the claims just about everyone who has announced has been indicted or is about to be indicted.  If you cannot run a campaign of substance then do not run.  There is zero chance a Republican will win.  The Republican party nationally is dying fast with endless divisions between it different voting base and money base.

As to Sofia Benavides - her seat is open - not matter what she tells you she is not running.  She will pull out at the last second in favor of her niece.  Her niece has told this story to too many people.  But here is the deal, just because it is an open seat does not mean you can win by simply placing your name on the ballot.  You need money - and lots of it - and at least half the political machines in the district backing you. 

But it does not end there.  I suspect in this race I will be voting for none of the candidates.  I am looking for a candidate who can explain to me and the voters what the existing commission did wrong in terms of moving Cameron county forward as a metroplex, and how they intend to do things different.  And a please telling me you are going bring jobs will be more painful for me to hear than self castration.  Try a promise which every politician has not made since the time Greece was a great democracy.  If you have not studied how McAllen did it, and other cities and can demonstrate you understand the models, you will not get favorable coverage from the BV.  I do not care who runs - if you can explain with evidence how you can make Cameron county into a metroplex, you will have my vote - no matter who you are.

The County Judge race - Pete Sepulveda may be a good administrator but a visionary he is not.  His approach is that of a simpleton, and as such he will keep Cameron county and Brownsville down.  Dan Sanchez has studied the issue and knows how it is done -but his unwillingness to abstain from votes involving the judiciary tells me he has major ethical problems.  His lack of ethics will side track any great ideas or developmental models he may have.

As is the same with all fake politicians now that the election is over, they are dead silent on the issues of the day.  The deal with UT is simple - UT will gift to the city all of the land around the area near the sewage treatment plant and the cost of moving or rebuilding the amenities at Lincoln Park in exchange for Lincoln Park - the deal is done.
Where is Valley Interfaith protesting? - where is Roman Perez standing with the people? - well the election is over so they are dead silent - a con artist organization which plays on the emotions of the people to appear relevant and a con artist politicians who goes into hiding every time he loses an election.
These issues still matter.  How about a major rally at Lincoln Park this weekend telling the commissioners if the issue is not on the July 7th agenda there will be accountability.  The commission must vote to remove Lincoln Park from the discussions with UT.
I can tell you there are not two commissioners willing to sign off on an agenda item to put Lincoln Park on the July 7th agenda to pull it from discussions with UT. 
Cesar de Leon is too busy with Rick Longoria trying to find the four votes to give Jaime Escobedo the security contract for the city.  Yes Cesar did meet with Jaime Escobedo for lunch to discuss the issue.  Solid sources have verified this.
The other thing I am hearing is Cesar does not want to be forced to show his hand too soon.  It is time Cesar meet his Brutus and learn if this item is not on the July 7th agenda his political career is over. It needs to be made clear to him, when Lincoln Park is lost he alone will hold all of the blame. The loss of Lincoln Park needs to become his Brutus.
He does not want the issue on the July 7th agenda.  So because without Cesar they do not have 4 votes no one is willing to put it on the agenda. 
For good measure they also need to put on the July 7th agenda reinstating live coverage of public comment.  I defy Sossi or any city commissioner to reference one case wherein any political entity has been sued because of what a citizen said during public comment - it has never happened - it was all one big lie. 
I know this is futile because with rare exceptions my readers are like Roman Perez and Valley Interfaith - the election is over so why care.  But for the few of you who do care - email our city commissioners and demand they put Lincoln Park and reinstating TV coverage of public comment on the July 7th agenda.  Make it clear to them - you do not care if they do not have the 4 votes - you want to see who lied during the campaign.  It is time the traitors meet their Brutus.
I do not want to hear Cesar says this is a lie - just put it on the agenda and then whether my sources are lying or not will not matter.
Click for commissioner emails.  - care or stop complaining

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BobbyWC said...

You know why I am rejecting your post - because you are a liar. I know for a fact - a fact I have verified with both parties - they do not like each other - so your claim they are together is a lie.

This lie is repeated over and over again because it makes people like you feel good. But I know also based on conversations with lawyers - matter have been looked into to justify removing the person you claim she is in bed with.

Lies and rumors do not get posted at the BV

You know why you post them here and not elsewhere because you want them read - try posting them elsewhere where we both know they will not be read

Bobby WC