Tuesday, June 30, 2015




I pulled the indictment and to my amazement it contains the names of 95, that's right 95 alleged victims.  People can attack me all they want, but I will not publish the indictment.  These 95 victims do not need their names out there.  They have allegedly been victimized once.

The acts are for the July 31, 2012, run-offs.  There is no reference to any candidate in the indictment. Click for a list of all candidates in the run-off along with the number of mail-ballots each received.  Do not assume just because someone lost they did not use a form of politiqueras to harvest mail ballots.  Before the mayor's race run-off I was told home healthcare workers worked the mail ballots.  On this information I am also working on the July 31, 2012, run-offs, based on a verified link between the two elections.  No sacred cows.

No candidate will be charged based on a he said she said.  The best chance of a candidate being charged is if Ozuna can prove a specific candidate paid her money for the ballots.  The issue will not be the ballots because there may still be a he said she said problem.  If it can be proven money was paid, then the candidate will be prosecuted on a campaign finance report violation.  A conviction will mean removal from office.

Now, I would imagine 95 ballots cost more than a nickel.  If Ozuna has a checking account, and a large cash deposit is noted about the time of the election, it would support her claim she was paid.  This could lead to the charging of a candidate or someone currently holding office, with a campaign finance report violation.

The other side is, like sheriff Lucio told me years ago, he pays the politiqueras by fixing tickets.  The politiquera then charges the person to get the ticket dismissed.  It is hard to trace that kind of money.


Charges: OZUNA, MARGARITA RANGELStatute Level Date
1.  METHOD OF RETURN MARKED BALLOT = OR > 20- Unarrested86.006State Jail Felony07/31/2012

Events & Orders of the Court
06/24/2015  Felony Information Form
Felony Information Form
06/24/2015  Indictment or Information (OCA)
Original Case Filed by Indictment or Information (OCA) and CR-43
06/29/2015  Active Criminal (OCA)
Active (OCA)

I do not have time to run down to the court house for a copy of the indictment. I am late for an appointment in Harlingen.

Ozuna is a fool is she fails to give up the name or names of any politicos who told her what she was doing is legal. 

Judge Tagle to date is the only judge to say it the way it is - it is time to indict those leading these woman to crime.

No sacred cows - it is time to bring indictments against the politicos who pay them, it if can be shown they were party to the illegal conduct.


Anonymous said...

Juan Montoya beats you again, you fucking loser!

BobbyWC said...

Well actually he did not - predicting indictments of more politiqueras is like predicting rain in the rain forest. All he published was a claim Ozuna was running scared. The issue of her grand jury proceedings was no secret. The BV does not publish rumors someone is about to be indicted. If the BV were to publish such rumors half of Cameron county official would be on that list.


The BV was the first to publish the actual - not rumored indictment. Only the BV has the number of victims.

I pubished a comment on Juanito page he refused to publish giving him a heads up. He then copies the information on the BV for a story. He never took the time to check the actual indictment - so part of his story is incomplete - mostly because he does not understand what the docket entry I published means.

I took the time to get the actual indictment to be the only person publishing the contents - namely 95 victims.

The only loser is you dude - Juanito followed the BV with the actual story and still got it wrong because he has no real sources to get him the indictment. I had no problem getting it once I got back from Harlingen.

Bobby WC