Saturday, June 6, 2015

I do not allow for comments about indictments which have not been released.  Juanito published months ahead of Villalobos' indictment the indictment without verification.  To the anony who made the post I've checked Pacer twice [ the federal system - and for the record it is not free - it is a cost I incur]. I also checked the Cameron county system.  There is no record of such an indictment.  Because of possible related indictments it could be sealed.  I have no way of knowing.
I will continue to check Pacer and the Cameron county data bases at the end of each day.  The day the indictment is opened I will publish it.  I will do this for one week.
I am hoping you are right.  It will open the door to other criminal indictments which are long overdue.  


Anonymous said...

Any update on this?

BobbyWC said...

Nothing in either the federal or state daya base as of 6 pm. I hope the clsim is accurate. The fallout will be big