Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I cannot answer this question.  In my view the ad is deception and an act of desperation.  In fact it demeans the office of mayor.

In the end there are only two explanations for an ad which so demeans the office of mayor, his internal polling shows Pat is on his tail, or he is looking a super-majority victory so he can claim a clear mandate as a way to control the city commission.

The gag order claim is 100%, bogus.  It leaves the reader thinking something is being hidden from them in a pending criminal case.  High profile criminal cases often see gag orders.  Further, while I agree everyone I know believes Pat was guilty, the bottom line is the jury found him not guilty.  This ad leads you to believe anything but the truth.

The DWI trial part is horrible.  People scan these mailers - a lot of people are going to think Pat has a DWI trial after the election.  This is not the reality.  Tony being an attorney of limited competence other than his dishonesty, would have made for a better ad had he told the truth.  Pat negotiated a plea bargain wherein the DWI was dropped if he would plead guilty to reckless driving.  People do not like elected officials getting special privileges in criminal cases.

The 8-Liner claim is true, but in my mind because of the other two deceptive claims the ad comes across as desperate.

I am off to vote.  I will place a blank ballot.  My vote will be counted as an under count. 

Pat will turn the clock backwards.  Under Pat nothing will move forward as the city commission turns into a bi-monthly three ring circus.

Tony will be a nightmare for Brownsville.  But if Rick Longoria wins he, Jessica and John will be able to work with Cesar de Leon and Debbie Portillo to hold Tony in check.  I think Portillo will go with Cesar if he joins Rick, Jessica and John. 

I am not looking for a majority to vote down everything Tony does.  I am looking for city commissioners who will end the reckless spending downtown and all of these one sided deals with UT.  I am looking for a city commission smart enough to know when Tony is playing them and will fight him.  I am looking for a city commission which will tell Tony his threats and vulgarities during Executive Session are about to be made public.  I am looking for a city commission which will tell city manager Charlie Cabler he is accountable to all of them and not just Tony Martinez.

If with Rick's victory a majority can hold Tony in check on key issues, Brownsville will be fine.


Anonymous said...

For the amount of bitching you do...it is ridiculous for you to vote blank ballot....and you do it all the time. You are an crazy.

Anonymous said...

First you bash Ahumada and then you defend him....you are a nut.

BobbyWC said...

So to be clear you believe we can get to a better city commission by running cover for candidates who lie.

What you are basically saying, I am a nut for reporting a candidate is lying or misleading the voters - now there is a standard intelligent people can live with.

To both of you, your problem is you want me to slant my reporting for one candidate or the other and ignore lies and deception. Not going to happen.

You do not want reporting or honest commentary - you want me to support lies which support what you believe in.

As to a blank ballot - that is an honest vote. And I have done it in the past, but not all of the time. in November I will because all of the Constitutional Amendments are BS.

There was no way I could vote for Pat - he will be an absolute disaster. Hell would freeze over before I voted for Tony. By placing a blank ballot I gave Tony one less vote for his super majority win.

You know if people were to read there are 300 under votes - meaning people voted but not for mayor, it might send a message to the people who want to run and will be honest - they can do it because we are tired of the inept and corrupt elected officials.

300 under votes meaning 300 people voted but not for mayor will humiliate Tony Martinez and make it more difficult to say he has the support of the people. I consider that a victory for the people.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I really doubt any amount of under votes would humiliate Tony Martinez . ....we are talking about a man so ethically challenged , he has no shame. All the sweetheart deals for his friends , no transparency in his administration , and he still runs for reelection . .....ugh !

BobbyWC said...

You are probably spot on - but one can hope - but it also tells the city commissioners he really does not have the support of the people.

Also people need to understand that if he wins by a big margin it was mostly because of an anti Pat Ahumada vote and not a pro Tony Martinez vote. He cannot run from round one wherein the people clearly said they do not want him, which is why he is in round two.

I can only hope at least one city commissioner will have the courage to remind him on a regular basis the people rejected him in round one.

Bobby WC