Sunday, June 14, 2015


Lets see, they backed 4 candidates - Roman Perez, - lost, Sergio Zarate - lost, Pat Ahumada lost, and Cesar de Leon - won.

In Cesar's case no matter how many times Juanito says it is not true because Ben Neece paid him to say it was not true, Abraham Galonsky funded Cesar's campaign.  The campaign finance reports do not lie.  Cesar also had Tony Martinez 's campaign machine pushing for him.  Now this does not mean Cesar will vote with Tony. 

It is interesting when you speak with people - Ben Neece could end up the big looser if Cesar votes against Tony because then Ben will have Tony and Galonsky as his enemies for convincing them to back Cesar.  All I know for sure is all sides are waiting for the first key vote which pits Tony against the people - that vote will tell us the truth about Cesar - until then we wait.

Tony is panic stricken over my suggestion to put Lincoln Park back on the agenda for the July 7th meeting.  He has city staff telling key people the city is finalizing UT's purchase of the land next to the sewage plant, instead of Lincoln Park.  BS - The commissioners need to ignore the con - remember how he got you to vote again to authorize negotiations while having Rose Gowen abstain so her vote would not be a legal road block to the sale. 

Tony will play this city commission right into the giving away of Lincoln Park if they do not put it on the July 7th agenda.  This will put Cesar de Leon to the test, while emasculating Tony.  Before the vote Tony will insist there is no reason because UT is buying the land next to the sewage treatment plant.  Fine -  then no big deal  - the vote will be just a formality that Tony himself should be okay voting for himself - do not allow him to play you again.

Of the four these two turkeys backed three lost and the only one who won, won on Galonsky's money and Tony's political machine.  So it is fair in spite of their backing Cesar won with the backing of Galonsky and Tony.

On May 9th Cesar received 45 mail ballots and Tony received 44.  Last night Tony received 102.  By chance on Friday a witness to a very detailed claim told me what they knew.  What I now know law enforcement will know my source is solid.  I have information which is way too specific and verifiable for my source to have been lying.

I want to be clear, I do not believe for one second Cesar ever would have allowed for any improper conduct when it comes to mail ballots.  But Tony's team was helping him.

The names of the people I believe helped Tony with the 102 mail ballots is going to the AG.  Now, just because someone helped a senior with their mail ballot by itself is not illegal.  It is the process behind the help which could be illegal - this is what needs to be investigated.  But how the names are all part of the same group, eyebrows will go up. But even that by itself is not illegal.  A political group can form to help seniors with their mail ballots in a legal way. 

We shall see if the AG looks for the pattern which I believe will be enough to open a formal investigation.  This tactic if left unchecked means, all of the progress which we have made stopping the harvesting of mail ballots will have been lost. 


About two weeks ago an anony posted a certain elected official was indicted.  There actually may be more than one - including former elected officials.  All week federal officials were downloading articles on specific people.

It has been suggested to me that the unsealing of the indictments will come this week.  A decision was made to not unseal the indictments until after the election - although they are in no way related to the election. 

If the claims are true - which I suspect are not - paying bloggers to post garbage will become a thing of the past - well not if you want to win. 

Here is the deal - if all the anony claims of indictments were true - half of the elected officials in this town would have already been indicted.  What is happening based on the number of comments I am rejecting is the 2016, primary is well underway and their supporters are posting wild claims against the opponents.  Hey, they are not getting through at the BV.

But this one is intriguing because of what I have seen in terms of what federal agencies are looking at on my blog.  Also calls which are normally returned - have gone unreturned. Something is up - I just cannot confirm - but maybe this is all a rumor which fed itself and nothing is there.


To stop this new form of harvesting mail ballots - and to end the laundering of campaign money.


Anonymous said...

Who is Rigo Bocanegra Bobby?

BobbyWC said...

He is part of the now effectively defunct Brownsville Union Coalition, and associated with the new teachers group I think it is called TVEA.

The various unions previously associated with BUC got tired of BUC endorsing candidates before every candidate even announced. It was common for the various unions and or associations to endorse someone other than the BUC candidate.

He has become poison for anyone he endorses. Even though he is a firefighter there association endorse candidates other then those endorsed by Bocanegra.

Good change is coming

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

These are some of Rigo's past endorsements : Letty Perez Garzoria , Yolanda Begum , Ruben Pena , Arnold Flores .

Anonymous said...

Dont forget shirley bowman, arge miller, sergio zarate, martin sarkis, robert urseti, anthony troiani

BobbyWC said...

Also cata presas garcia

Anonymous said...

He also endorsed the other losing candidate Luci Longoria.
Some of us parents that are tax payers hope Brownsville residents will go out and vote
for the right people.

Anonymous said...

Bocanegra is not the lead in the endorsements. It is Marco Longoria. Rigo follows Marco who looks out for Marco. Ask Marco about why he so passionately pushes certain candidates. Special interest. Privatizing EMS Services.

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is rejected because you are a con artist and a liar - did you really think I was going to allow a verifiable lie through so you could create a distraction.

Your claim I backed Masso against Saenz is verifiable as a lie.

The above was my first of many, many posts wherein I used the term "No Mas Masso." anyone can google this and see you are a liar.

When Jessica first ran I was living off of Alton Gloor - nowhere near her district. I will have 4 years in my house on the 30th of this month.

I was no nicer to Rick than Roman - I documented Roman's endless lies - and you do not like that.

What is Pat doing to expose the mail ballot problem with Tony - probably nothing because he is not smart enough to realize how it was done.

I have leaked my information in hope it gets to the right people outside law enforcement. I am not trusting the AG on this one - they have been tied to part of the problem because they have refused to do a full investigation in the past - I am concerned if this pans out they will have a lot of egg on their face so they would prefer to do nothing.

This make take a group effort. It was really quite simple how Tony did it, but too many people will want it kept quiet.

But unlike Pat I will continue to work against Tony by putting my name out there with documents and facts.

It's hard when you know so many in law enforcement turn a blind eye because they need the corrupt to do their other dirty work for them.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The "BUC organization" is composed of 4 people plus the 2 or 3 politiqueras who work for

Anonymous said...

Rigo was an avid supporter of Carlos Elizondo, until he discovered that Carlos was pushing for Jessica Tetrau, and against Sergio Zarate, because he, (Carlos) HAS a deal going withTony Martinez.
Todos son unos pinches RATAS.

BobbyWC said...

Carlos Elizondo has hung himself - he has deals with everyone and no one. He thinks he has supporters but he does not - too many people have found out about too many double crosses - he is in for a shocker when he tries to announce for another public office.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Rigo was in tears when he found out his "great" friend, the one he would " take a bullet for" was not that "great" after all.

Anonymous said...

He does want to be State Rep ha ha ha...

Anonymous said...

The way it's going: He asked Tony for hi$ political $$upport in exchange for turning against Zarate. Remember, Zarate was one of his main supporters. If this is not betrayal, then nothing is. How do we know? Because they use the same 3 ladies to work the phone

Anonymous said...

We know it is you Cata, making all these comments against Carlos Elizondo. You are next.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't think he gives to shits about privatizing ems,he pushes and helps friends in a world of double talk back stabbing fkrs this dude is loyal, didn't say he was perfect but if you new the ways he's helped people without expecting returns you'd probably stop talking shit !

BobbyWC said...

Carlos Elizondo came into this post so I feel a need to give my readers a perspective.

He promised everyone under the sun he would have nothing to do with Cata Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria. In fact when people started to complain to him about his association with them he denied it. Then the BV posted the picture of Carlos with Cata and Luci and Carlos desperate to run from hit had Juanito attack me and then claim a complaint was being filed against a city employee who took the picture when in fact she did not. Juanito had to retract the claim.

Since then Carlos has misled so many people, no one trusts him - I do not know about the Tony thing, but his support for Jessica had absolutely nothing to do with Tony - he Firefighter supported Jessica and he did not want to cross them.

But Joe Rodriguez has offer to help him raise a lot of money if he runs against Eddie Lucio III for State Senate - the problem with that is Eddie has already been chosen by Austin and the big money. That racer is over and Carlos Elizondo is the only one who does not know it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He is delusional if he thinks he can fool amd betray the whole district like he did brownsville...hes in for a huge suprise if he is stupid enough to run