Thursday, June 11, 2015


When I got home from the doctor yesterday, my house was hot as hell.  It took about an hour before I thought to check the compressor.  When I got home the sliding glass was open by about an inch so I thought that was why the house was hot.

Today at 1 p.m. the AC tech will come to work on the compressor.  My cost will be a $60.00.  I pay about $42 a month for my insurance.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, what company does your home warranty?

BobbyWC said...

First American

Some companies only offer the insurance when you buy the home because in part they are relying on the Inspection. Some will sell after you already own the home, but may require an inspection first.

Mine was transferred from the previous owners based on the inspection I paid for before I bought the house.

This is a must for all homeowners. I am helping someone buy a home. I have told her she must have this. My experience today will convince her it is worth $42 a month. The compressor is only 6 years old - so new does not mean no problems

Bobby WC