Friday, June 19, 2015


I was just told that part of the services the VA is requesting to resolve my health issues will not be provided because the VA is months behind in paying outside doctors.  It took months to get me to this point and now the doctor who has spent years working with the VA just had his staff tell me the VA is refusing to release the money to VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Healthcare System, to pay the doctors who are authorized for outside services.

VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Healthcare System is consistently rated one of the worse in the country - not because of the doctors, but because of a lack of funding.  The doctors are working 70 hours a week and are still behind.  They have a full load of patients all day and then are expected to stick around until they review and act on all lab work, x-rays and scans they have ordered internally, and all of the same information which is done outside the VA and sent to them, while processing all of the requests for non-formulary medications, and requests for outside services. The PC doctors are at the point that through no fault of their own they can no longer provide the necessary services to the veterans.  They are overwhelmed.  The enemy is coming over the wall, while the generals in Washington are playing the social game of survival to care the war is about to be lost.

The VA in Washington is not going to act.  They are not going to hire enough doctors until they raise the wages, and better expedite the hiring process.  Once someone is actually hired it can take months for the VA to process the paperwork.  People cannot just sit unemployed why the VA does endless paperwork.

Congressman Vela works hard every day to help the veterans, but he cannot force the VA to act.  It is time the president calls in the Secretary of the Veterans Administration, Robert A. McDonald, and tell him to resign or get his act together.  It is time for the meetings and hearings to stop and for someone to actually act.

It would be sad if we loose some of the great doctors we have because you can only work 70 hours a week for so long before you say, enough.  The Primary Care doctors at the VA Harlingen are second to none.  We cannot afford to loose these doctors.

Conversely, we cannot afford to loose the outside specialists who work with veterans because some paper pusher cannot fix the problem with getting the doctors paid.

Of course you will not read this in the Herald because that is where news goes to die.

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