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Because Minerva Peña abstained and is the Board president, based on my post and the law she can call an emergency meeting and put the issue back to the Board while demanding the lawyers explain how this happened.  She will not because she knows Joe Rodriguez will call for a reorganization of the Board and she will not longer be Board president.  Minerva Peña cares more about being Board president than the law or the kids.  So we are done unless a lawyer steps forward.

Minerva Peña as the plaintiff along with any other candidate will insure Zendejas goes packing and Joe Rodriguez becomes absolutely powerless as no other Board member will then work his con jobs.


What made Desesperanza so certain she could be insubordinate to the Board when they ordered her to hire a search firm for superintendent?  She knew the day Joe Rodriguez hired her she was going to be the permanent superintendent - and this violates the law.

BJB Legal:
The District shall provide each current District employee a reasonable opportunity to apply for the position.
Education Code 11.1513(d)

Inasmuch as the evidence will prove Zendejas never complied with the Board's wishes concerning the hiring of a search firm, a reasonable implication can be made someone told her not to bother because the position was hers.  This violates local rules and the Texas Education Code.


Who authorized the posting on the hiring notice - by law it was not Zendejas - she was prohibited from taking such action or being involved in anyway.  The Board never had an agenda item to authorize the hiring.  In fact the notice violated the only authorization by the Board, namely the hiring of a search firm.  They did not rescind their request to hire a search firm until after the hiring process for an internal candidate only was posted by authority of - no one knows, and Zendejas was declared the sole candidate - by whom know one knows because she could not have made that decision.

The entire matter was a set up and a violation of local rules and Education Code 11.1513(d)

The federal courts in Dallas have made clear any decision made by the Board in violation of the Open Meetings Act is void.  This includes when they allow into Executive Session someone who should not be there.  TASB makes clear that Desesperanza was not to be in the Executive Session, and she was.
The question is do we have an attorney in this town other than Michael Cowen who cares enough to take this on for the citizens.  Desesperanza will withdraw from BISD before she allows herself to be put on the stand to answer questions about the con job she is pulling off with Joe Rodriguez.
This is an easy case.
Yea, I held on this because I knew with this Board they would violate the law - I let them hang themselves so that if we can find an attorney to care - we can take them to court and cause major damage to this Board and send Zendejas packing.
The question is, if the Board never put any of this on the Agenda in advance of the hiring process, who authorized it?  The law is clear it could not be Zendejas.  So if it was not the Board, or Zendejas, who thought they were authorized to ignore the directive of the Board to hire a consulting firm, post the position and then decide Zendejas was the sole finalist?  And what made them think they could do this.  Oh, they will throw Joe Rodriguez to the wolves if put on the stand.
There is nothing in the law or local rules providing for what happened.
So will an attorney step up to the plate and stop this?  The mere filing of the lawsuit will result in an emergency meeting of the Board, and a stop to everything they did to include hopefully Zendejas resigning.
She runs around telling people how she is the only one who cares.  Then what does she do last night, she voted to violate local and state law to make Joe Rodriguez happy.  The question is, what did she demand for herself in exchange for her vote?
Having now had a one on one conversation with her I can say it is true - she is ill mannered, rude, devoid of any knowledge of proper etiquette, and totally devoid of any idea how an elected official in a public setting should present themselves.  She was in a mini-dress which all but showed her panties when she was sitting.  Only someone with a backwater mentality could think this is acceptable.  Her head was so far up Carlos Marin's butt at one point I thought they were about to merge into one person.  It was vile.
Today when Juanito writes about the story with no legal analysis - just tripe -  he will not mentioned Presas-Garcia or Carlos Elizondo - why? - they keep him happy with money.


Anonymous said...

It could be a tactic to keep people from coming to the Board meetings....nobody wants to see that nigh-geriatric third-world pussy peaking through the bottom of that cheap dress; hence, everyone runs and they can do as they wish on the board without the public being there. Genius!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the clothing Bobby is describing was being worn at the board meeting . ...I think it was at another function....

BobbyWC said...

Oh thats what they meant. I had no idea what they were saying. Yes it was not at the school board

Anonymous said...

Ahh details Bobby details!!!!