Saturday, June 13, 2015

"For years, when it came to presidential candidates, Wall Street made huge compromises in order to support the Republican Party.

The money men in New York City set aside their socially liberal views in order to support fiscally conservative candidates because that was the only way to get on the same page as the GOP base.
The result has been a series of candidates Wall Street's big donors didn't really want. 
It seems those donors are getting tired of that outcome.
Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman recently vented his frustration with this arrangement on an episode of Wall Street Week.
"I tend to be more Republican in my views, but socially very liberal. I'm going to have trouble with any Republican that does not disavow a fixation with social issues," he said."

As corporate money pushes Republican candidates away from the Republican base of fundamentalists, the fundamentalists are going to turn on the Republicans and focus on local control.  Independents tired of corporatist are going to move left to the Democrats.  The Republicans may have declared war on themselves and not even realize it.

The outcome is going to be interesting. Their salvation is a Michael Blumberg emerging as their candidate.  He is trusted enough by Independents and Democrats that he could win as a Republican - but to do that he would have to take out the fundamentalists.

In the end Wall Street is about money, and not how people live their lives.

This Republican Primary could be the greenback vs. the Bible - my money is on the greenback..


Anonymous said...

It's not just Republicans that have given in to the Corporatists.

just saying

BobbyWC said...

It's more than just saying - it is a fact. But my post is about how it will impact the Republicans - trust me - there are far too many Democrats in bed with the Corporatists

But this is the other side of the issue - if the Fundamentalists are not booted from the Republican Party, the corporatists are going to give big time to the Democrats who support them. But then this will create a big divide in the Democratic party. There is already a war of works among many Democrats that accepting corporatists money is unacceptable - but the greenback will always win over values.

Thanks for the comment and documenting your comment

Bobby WC