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Cameron county issuing marriage licenses.  The vendor is working on changing the licenses to reflect the current law. Upon request once the new program issues the clerk will issue a new license.  The clerks office is working around the state application.   But be sure the licenses are issuing and judges are scheduling the weddings

The Cameron county Clerks office has no comment at this time as to what they will do.  JP Salazar has already received calls on performing marriages, but is on hold pending the issuing of any licenses.

Concerning the claim having to perform marriages may offend the judges religious beliefs is pure BS.  The Rules of Judicial Conduct prohibits judges from discriminating based on Sexual Orientation, so unless they want to give up doing all marriages, they must also perform gay marriages.

The above picture is from the Dallas Morning news with the following caption:

"Following the Supreme Court's ruling Friday morning that states must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Chris Glover and Richard Douglas McAlloster were one of the first couples to register for a license at the Dallas County Records Building."

Cisgender refers to individuals who follow the social construct of gender as assigned to them at birth - non-cisgender refers to everyone else.  I prefer the term non-cisgender over transgender for example because I believe transgender mischaracterizes the process of embracing your true gender versus  that assigned at birth via a social construct which began with a grunt by a caveman.

This story will develop as the day progresses. 

This will be the next battle. Justice Kennedy in his opinion already addressed the issue - so when a state tries to prevent a non-cisgender

"Travis County clerk Dana DeBeauvoir began issuing same-sex marriage licenses at 10:30 a.m. Friday and said her office will stay open until 6:30 p.m. Extended office hours will continue next week and through the Fourth of July weekend."

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