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So what is more shocking the change in her outfits or the fact some Republicans are embracing her to help promote their agenda, in that she is a Republican?

I do not like the term transgender.  The debate is not new - it is just more fluid now as people are starting to see it is real.  They are not trans anything, they are embracing their natural self.

Along with the issue of transgender comes pangender

Do Pansexuals like everyone?

Pansexual identified people have the physical/emotional/spiritual capability of falling in love or being with someone regardless of their gender. This doesn't mean they like everyone, and some Pansexuals do have physical preferences. The identity is used merely to express the openness and fluidity to people of all genders.
I know of a beautiful woman who loves to date women with a penis.  She is pangender.  A new medical manual coming out of medical school in Massachusetts is the first to deal with all of these complex issues.  Genitalia has nothing to do with gender.  Gender comes from genetics and brain development.  There is no evidence any defect is involved.  How we perceive gender is a social construct which evolved with language and not science. And inasmuch as language evolves, in time people will come to accept a man can have a penis or vagina and a woman can have a vagina or penis.
She underwent the process of embracing herself in the 50's, including surgery.
Before she died she told Opra that she made the right decision to undergo the surgery to replace her penis with a vagina - but to Opra's surprise she went on to say women need to learn they can be a woman and happy with a penis and that it is perfectly normal.  After what had become some 30 plus years of speaking on the subject she had learned a penis and vagina have nothing to do with gender.
Christine's story is more a footnote in history than well known at this point.
The current medical standard is parents should not assume the gender of their child until they self identify and then they are to work with their child to embrace their gender.  I'm not sure I like this - but parents all over the U.S. are putting 10 year old children on hormone suppressant drugs at 10 to prevent puberty in children who identify the opposite gender.  The idea is when they turn 18 they can decide what they want and that if they choose the surgery it will be a less complex procedure. 

My issue is, the parent is imposing the social construct of the penis and vagina defining gender on their child.  Maybe she will want to be a woman with a penis, but because of the parent's poor decision part of the process of embracing her penis will be lost. This could end up causing more harm and confusion.
So even as to children this is not new - so what is so different about Caitlyn - everyone is watching and asking questions.  The nature of human curiosity is such people are craving to know more - and the more they know the more things will change.
Gender and sexuality is very, very complex.  Medical science is finally throwing off the social construct of gender for medical science - the penis and vagina have nothing to do with gender.

A lot of people are asking questions about themselves they never would have asked in a million years.  This is going to get very complex.  People, just love yourself and your partner and everything will be fine.
When Milton Berle and Flip Wilson made cross dressing a big part of their acts America embraced it.  An unseen character, but spoke of often on the "Golden Girls" was Sofia's son Phil - a cross dresser happy to be married to a woman.
It bothers me we feel a need to label everything - so he liked to appear outwardly as a woman - big deal.
Most of what has been said on the subject has proven false.  But his twitter postings and how he dresses speaks to the issue.
 "The 16-year-old son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith first took to Instagram with a picture of himself in a white-and-black striped dress on Tuesday, accompanying the selfie with the gender norm-defying comment, "Went to TopShop to Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean 'Clothes.'"

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The most anyone can write for sure about Jaden is he refuses to conform to the social construct of gender.  In a large part of the world men do not wear pants.  I'm convinced pants were invented for men by a sadist.  Pants and what the social construct would consider male genitalia are not a good match.  Maybe Jaden will finally break the irrational use of pants by men and force the fashion industry to create an entire line of clothing men can wear in the U.S. which is not pants.  Kilts are still worn in Ireland - throughout the world men wear wraps or long robes without pants. 

I would love to wear male oriented clothing which are not pants.  It was not long ago the tunic was normal for men to wear - but then when some sadist came along and decided it was normal for men to force their scrotum up into their chest cavity, it became wrong to wear tunics.  A real designer could make some nice tunics with proper under attire.


In short order we are going to see the gender and sexual spectrum is a lot larger than anyone knew.  Embrace yourself guys - this is why I oppose the term transgender - they are not changing - they are embracing themselves.  The therapists who are telling their clients they need to change are not doing them a service.  They just need to merely embrace themselves while throwing off the social construct which mislabeled them.

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