Saturday, June 13, 2015

The new bill I just got is down $62 from the same period last year.  Why?  The additional energy efficiency improvements I made in December.  I borrowed $1700 interest free for 12 months.  I pay $147 a month to insure I pay it off in the 12 months.  But if you minus the $62 savings, its not that bad.  Plus during this last period for a good part my ex was here visiting - using hot water - water -and sewage. I expect next month's saving to hit $70 - so even if it takes me 3 years to break even, starting in January the saving is all mine. 
The improvements also add to the marketability of the house.  I tell people all of the time - when you buy a house ask to see their BPUB bills for June through September.  My neighbor whose house is 500 square feet smaller than mine on average pays $200 more during the summer.  You must add to your mortgage the cost of running the house on a monthly basis.  $200 is a lot of money. 
So for the whiners - keep on whining and keep on using your money inefficiently.  You know when I first moved in after the summer I put in the solar screens.  The following year the average savings for the summer months from the previous year when I did not have the solar screens, was $80.00. After three years of solar screens, which long ago paid for themselves, I can say I have saved a lot.


Anonymous said...

Who did your screens?

BobbyWC said...

On the top left hand side of my page is a search - I types solar screens and there it was