Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I love this story because it will be part of the history of the cultural changes which are currently happening in our country.

I was with someone about two months ago in another city.  Let's just say he is not what you call enlighten.  I knew of this person's lack of enlightenment before I agreed to take him on this trip - it was necessary - but to keep from going crazy I forced him to get a separate hotel room.  Besides I had work to do and I worked until 3 a.m.

That first night I suggested several Asian restaurants I knew had good food - he said "I only eat American."  I've heard a lot, but never that one before.

When I use to teach I learned an entre high school class could not name one Italian food dish.  I was discussing the Columbian Exchange - food which never existed outside the Americas until it was brought to Europe by Columbus and others.

So this person said - "take me to Walmart and I will get some snacks for dinner."  He bought tortilla chips and two cans of bean dip.  You see - and this is my point.  On a higher technical level he is correct because Mexico is part of the America's, but he sees tortilla chips and bean dip as U.S. American food.

The next morning at breakfast he told me he got hungry and ordered a pizza from Dominos.  In his mind pizza is American food.

For those of you who do not know, until tomatoes were brought from the America's there was no marinara sauce in Italy - also until either adventures to China or the Middle East brought pasta back to Italy there was no pasta.

 Without potatoes from the Americas there would have been no Irish potato famine of Russian vodka made from potatoes - I can go on.

My point is cultural and food exchanges are fluid.  For millions of Americans they learned listening to Mariachi music can be fun.  It will just work its way  into the wonderful mosaic of the U.S. American fabric and in time be as American as apple pie - which is not really American.

As to Alondra Santos - I hope she gets to continue to develop her talent.

I grew up going to the original cast shows on Broadway.  I was never a Madonna fan - I always felt she was more skin than voice.  Not just any singer can do Broadway.  Madonna with no voice to carry through the theater failed in the movie Evita.  Ricky Martin who revived on Broadway the role of Che failed.  For basic music he is fine, but he such as Madonna are not Broadway singers.

It takes a deep powerful voice with amazing control.  Hopefully some day Ms. Santos will be able to revive Evita on Broadway and show the world how a real Broadway singer delivers a powerful and amazing performance.

I wish her the best.

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