Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why did he not pay this fine years ago?  Oh, he was not running for mayor.
"Sec. 502.010. COUNTY SCOFFLAW. (a) A county assessor-collector or the department may refuse to register a motor vehicle if the assessor-collector or the department receives information that the owner of the vehicle:
(1) owes the county money for a fine, fee, or tax that is past due; or"
Below is an entry from his 1994, felony case.  This is the case in controversy as to whether or not the judge's order changing his sentencing which initially included a felony is a legal nullity.  The court record officially shows no felony conviction because of the disputed order.  That is being looked at.  There are ways around DA Saenz not doing his job and asking that the judge's order be declared a legal nullity.  If the state if forced to do it, it will be one more nail in Saenz coffin.
From the court record:
03/05/2015  Scofflaw Removed"

Scofflaw refers to the above.  Also noted is the following:  You will note on the same day Erasmo paid the money he owed the county in order to be removed from the Scofflaw list.
03/05/2015  Payment Receipt # 2015-11419 CASTRO, ERASMO DRAGUSTINOVIS (598.44)


I am actually working on another story.  Castro will know soon enough because he will be getting a letter from a county agency.  To avoid an AG request I am trying to resolve our differences.  The agency has already released the very letters I am looking for, for other years but seem to believe for the year in question they are protected under the open records act.  Anyway I am negotiating with them to see if we can resolve the matter.  If we can no request will go to the AG.  It is always my policy when possible to try and negotiate with the governmental entity before the matter goes to the AG.  But given what I know, it really will not help Erasmo if it goes to the AG, because they may see what I see and take other action.


Anonymous said...

Wow...this guy has no shame
Hes running for mayor knowing he has felonies, that is an insult to the people and is downright disgusting

BobbyWC said...

To be clear according to the court record he has no felony conviction. If the state decides to intervene to correct the courts order that may change. But at this moment court records show no felony conviction.

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit i don't so as long as he is good mayor that is all that matters ...Puro Erasmo Castro.. cant wait for him to win....

Anonymous said...

That is very true Mr. Castro all the way hope he wins....