Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I do no not read the BISD agenda any more - the entire thing is hopeless.  So to say I was shocked when this was brought to my attention a few minutes ago would be an understatement.
Zabarte according to the TEA just resigned as a Hearing Officer.  As a matter of law he was prohibited from representing any school district while a Hearing Officer.  Any work he has done for BISD has zero value.
"§157.41. Certification Criteria for Independent Hearing Examiners.
(a)  License required. An individual who is certified as an independent hearing examiner must be licensed to practice law in the State of Texas.
(b)  Representations prohibited. An independent hearing examiner, and the law firm with which the independent hearing examiner is associated, must not serve as an agent or representative of:
(1)  a school district;
After the TEA got the complaint, they allowed him to resign rather than conduct the investigation.  In February and March the BISD Board illegally paid him  $23.747.00.  Now to my amazement he is asking for an additional $24,441.60 at tonight's meeting.  That is a total of $48,188.60 in billing which the law prohibited and this board will pay it.
I can only imagine the look on the federal agents watching as this hopelessly corrupt Board approves this further illegal payment.  Zabarte violated the law and the Rules of Professional Conduct.  His work is of zero value.  It cannot be used because he was hired in violation of the law.  If the Board approves his billing it will be key evidence against BISD in Dr. Sylvia Atkinson's lawsuit.  Salazar and Salinas are not going to properly advise the Board - they are too tied to the scam.
Our poor children - no money for school supplies, but plenty for unethical lawyers.



Anonymous said...

". . . BISD Board illegally paid him $23.747.00."

Did they paid him $23,747,00 which included federal funds? How about the "additional $24,441.60", does it also included federal funds?

BobbyWC said...

You are not paying attention - they accept federal funds - this gives the feds jurisdiction over any money psend based on fraud - no on is going to trace the dollars to know property taxes, state and federal - their budget is based on federal money - this is the bottom line - they do not have to prove federal money was part of the payment - it is all from one budget which included federal funds - hence the feds have jurisdiction

Bobby WC