Saturday, May 30, 2015


I am still waiting on results.  I have three different sources who have told me they will text me the second the results are known.  I am also monitoring the FB pages of Jessica Tetreau and Sergio Zarate.  I am certain the winner will be anxious to get out the word.


"I am incredibly grateful to my supporters, friends and volunteers. We have won once again without a single vote changing during the recount. Very special thanks to the elections department who gave up their Saturday to straighten this out."

The claims made by people who have no use for math or science or reality that Zarate had a chance, prove they have no use for math or science or reality.

For the record Tony Martinez will win by 65% or more and Rick Longoria will also win with at least 60% or more of the votes. This is based on statistical probability - we call that math - as opposed to an opinion based on a wild hair.

It would not surprise me if Zarate files an election contest.  His right if he believes he has the evidence.  But election contests go both ways - a counter claim could prove fatal for some of Zarate's supporters -

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