Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I get closed Executive Sessions are necessary.  But think about it, how do you believe in people who are telling you they are acting behind closed doors?

They are so obsessed with their bogus campaign of Believe in BISD, which is not working, that they cannot even see the stupidity of mixing it with the notice they are in closed session, albeit a legal closed session.

Right now I suspect they are going to be in a very long executive session.  Some of the issues are easy, some are not.  Some will result in a lot of anger.  We shall see what happens when they emerge.

What I know for sure is, taxpayer money will be going out the door to defend more lawsuits.  BISD's cost for Errors and Omissions insurance will go up, and the new deductible will be $250,000.00.  Way to go BISD Board.  We really do believe in you.  Great Job.


It is still going on.  It has been longer than even I expected.  There must be a lot of dissent and explaining to do.  9 p.m.

Okay final


Otis had to abstain as her brother in law, Cata abstained saying she did not have time to review the documents.

On Zabarte, Otis again had to abstain, Cata got up and left as the vote was about to happen - she was a coward and ran out.

When the lawsuit if filed it will come out why Chirinos was conflicted out.  By voting on both items he only made Dr. Atkinson's lawsuit stronger.

I hope she holds and sues.  It will cost Minerva Peña reelection. 


Anonymous said...

Any news?

BobbyWC said...

Yes, vote was 5/2 against Atkinson. Powers and cata abstained. Meeting still going. Chirinos should have abstained. He only made it worse

BobbyWC said...

On zabarte otis abstained and presas garcia walked out during the vote. The court is goung to have major problems with this

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

BobbyWC said...

If dr Atkinson sues she will win. As dr Atkinson brother in law ofis had no choice but to abstain. Press Garcia was just a coward on both votes. One more second of her time and she could have votes on zabarte. She ran like a coward,

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Atkinsons non-renewal "in the best interest of the district?" That's her favorite line. She should accept the boards decision. After that, they should clear out the rest of the house of nepotism.

BobbyWC said...

Well no - even her haters agree that when she was over grants she brought in a ton of money to BISD -

The problem is she got serious about special services and the AA's and principals did not like she and her staff were making the decisions and not them.

Rita Hernandez refused to accept the new reality.

Court should be interesting as the facts come out.

I am certain Dr. Atkinson is hurting at this moment - but is is my understanding the lawsuit will be forth coming. We shall see what is in Minierva's Rita's Rose Longoria's depositions and Chirinos explanation for not abstaining - he was conflicted out.

The court is going to look at the Zabarte issue and take BISD to task.

Minerva is an idiot - she will lose in 2016, and Joe will still have two more years to get people to forget what he did.

Justice will come election night in 2016 when Minerva is voted out.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Dr. Rita Hernandez. Oh brother. SLANT. Yeah, that was genius. The scores went through the roof after that epiphany. Right.......... She's good at roaming halls though talking about all the pretty pictures on the wall. Coloring books = learning. Pure genius.

BobbyWC said...

Her depisition will be her legacy. It will not be pretty.

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Believe in BISD is really about bringing the past fellas...Sanchez and friends. Did you see the Audit meeting Bobby??? Man o man is the day to day BISD operations really messed up over there. No control! The internal auditor is a joke..taking sides on her Dept's investigations! I applaud the interim sup for saying she would write up those administrators or principals. Man they need ethics one on one...the basics.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, do you know what other employees they voted to non-renew their contract?

Anonymous said...

So, you complain about money going out the door via lawsuits, money that will not be used in the children's interest and you hope Atkinson sues. Are we having trouble deciding what we want? It looks like you are willing to take money out of the system if it hurts someone you don't like.

BobbyWC said...

What a silly, silly comment. So what you are saying is, it is better for the children if incompetent people remain in place, and a corrupt school board keep on moving out those trying to expose the corruption and incompetence. Wow, now that is an argument intelligent people can live with.

This lawsuit is going to hurt the Board - Otis. Cata, and Minerva are done for. The money all of this is going to cost the school district will cost them reelection.

It just might bring new people to the table to run for BISD.

On the investigations - based on what one complainants is telling me, the feds have lost interest.

BISD will never be okay. It is too diseased. But if Atkinson's suit can shed light on this reality - how is that bad.

The suit will bring out a lot of facts. Bad people will lose their jobs.

For me though when Minerva realizes Joe Rodriguez is running someone against her, she will finally learn what it is like to be one of her victims.

That will be justice

Presas-Garcia and Joe Rodriguez will both run people against Minerva - it will be a blood bath for her.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby, can you get copies of the Magical Compensation plan Sanchez is working on? A lot of folks are going to get screwed. Sanchez close allies are getting more pay and everyone else lowered in salary. How many more folks are going to get non-renewed? Minerva claims no one is gonna loose their jobs, but they might surpass San Benitos ISD non-renewals.

BobbyWC said...

The entire thing is a con job, the guy who earns 20,000 will get $600 a year while the guy who earns $100000 will get $3000 a year - a better approach would have been just $2,000 more a year per employee - the guys at the top are getting the big raises while the guys on the bottom who really need it are getting chump change

The BISD will remember Minerva and her con job on election day

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Minerva keeps hiring her best buds in the Main Office. They have a shit load of high paying folks at the main office that can't add 1 + 1 so they have bring all the Board Member "buddies (consultants)" to add and divide and come up with a Budget for "raises." The problem is that with so much lawsuits going on, HR is now seen as a lawyers filing bodega. They have 3 HR Top Dogs that can't even figure out who does what or what qualifications are needed for the job. What a joke Bobby....I agree a CON JOB initiated by Minerva.