Friday, May 1, 2015

People are asking why I am not running this story.  You will notice I cropped the picture.  First , William Garza has zero chance of being in the run-off, so his campaign is not worth my time.  All this picture shows is a known politiquera wearing a t-shirt and carrying a sign for William Garza.  It is not illegal to hire politiqueras to hold signs or ask that their neighbors voter for you.  There is no evidence of mail-ballot harvesting.  There is no evidence of vans filled with seniors voting from the vans.  This election is coming off pretty clean.  I do not know why this is a story - hence I have not run the story.

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Anonymous said...

And THAT is why I prefer your blog over the others. You acknowledge when there isn't a story and move on to stories with merit. I was there, and I saw what happened, and it wasn't a story. Good call.