Friday, May 15, 2015


NOTE:  On BISD I have no idea what happened at the meeting.  I had a massive headache and fell asleep while they were in executive session.  Look guys they are going to do as they please.  Just pull your kids from BISD and then you will have nothing to worry about.


The below comment Barton attributes to Julie Olvera is a verifiable lie. 

"We've broken up.  It's over.  I want the voters to know the character of Mr. Longoria, that he's a liar, a cheat and not the religious man he pretends to be.  I worked very hard on his campaign, soliciting signatures, placing signs and campaigning for him.  He is not the man he pretends to be," stated Olvera"

By her own admission she sat there and watched Rick take bribes and said nothing, until he got caught with his pecker in another woman.  Anyone who believes she is now going public because "I want the voters to know the character of Mr. Longoria, that he's a liar, a cheat and not the religious man he pretends to be,"  is an idiot.

If this were her motivation then she would have gone public before she caught Rick with is pecker inside another woman. 


Her claims concerning the bribes may all be true.  Nothing would give me greater joy than to see Jaime Escobedo arrested along with Carlos Marin.  But now law enforcement must deal with the fact their key material witness is a liar.

This is why you do not just run with reckless stories so you have good copy.  Law enforcement knows as a witness she is worthless.  By her own admission she sat there and watched a public official being bribed and did nothing.  Well until Rick decided to allegedly cheat on her.

Everything she has to say, by her own admission, is worthless.  Had she gone to law enforcement when it was happening they could caught Rick in the alleged acts he is accused of.  But no, Julie Olvera was happy to remain silent so long as she was the only one Rick Longoria was boinking.


It helps the guilty walk.  I have done a series of open records request to several sources.  All documents will be posted.  No sacred cows.  But if these claims are true and the guilty walk because of reckless journalism, you will know who to blame.


I know the Imp's and Jerry's personalities real well.  Both are weak, intolerant of women, and suffer from such low self esteem bullying is all they have to offer.

"Hey Imp, a friend just reminded me - you know who told me about La llorana - it was Cris who was told to use her against you - you know who told him - Jerry - you are all alike - Cris, you and Jerry."

The above is true and I posted it to push the war between Jerry and the Imp.  I knew the IMP would have a melt down.  I just needed to feed his problems.

I also know when you ignore him long enough his meltdowns get worse.  The last I heard from him other than his email which he denied existed - was a threat he was going to produce the evidence my mother was a whore.  She died in 1977, and the idea he could find any information on her except her endless battle for equality for women and Latinos is beyond me.

But you see there is a reason he has not worked as a journalist for over 20 years and cannot now even successfully self publish smut books.

For no other reason than his obsession with McHale he publishes an article from a woman who claims Rick Longoria cheated on her.  The IMP is the hero for exposing the cheating Longoria - a story as old as time - he is only about 4 years later on that story.

So why publish? - Rick Longoria would not give into his threats to end his friendship with McHale so he must be punished.

The other day the IMP published one of his made up interviews with a supporter of Pat Ahumada.  The woman had not so many nice things to say about Erasmo Castro.  He then took down the alleged interview.  Why?  It was allegedly a hard hitting article on the behind the scenes campaign of Pat Ahumada.  He took it down when he got an email telling him there would be consequences.


I preach abstinence.  I have no respect for any man or woman who has multiple sexual partners.  But it is their right.  In today's world people who are merely dating understand it is merely dating.  If you are willing to jump in bed with a man after a few dates lady, then character is not one of your strong suits.  You also do not get to feign shock that the man you were willing to jump into bed with after a few dates, likes sex with multiple women.


There are claims concerning irregularities concerning campaign money.  There's a shocker Brownsville's never heard of before.  But a real journalist would have first asked for the campaign finance reports to see if the money was reported before painting a picture of under the table bribes.  On that one issue, we know the Imp had no interest in facts - just settling the score with Rick for being friends with Jerry - the picture should now be clear why he was forced out of journalism more than 20 years ago.

If the Imp knew anything about Brownsville's politics, which he does not, Carlos Marin is involved in just about every incumbent's campaign. Marin understands politics.  He understands how to build a consensus for what he wants.  But like Juanito when you have no story you throw out the boggy-man.

Trust me I am no friend of Carlos Marin.  He is a virus on Brownsville - but politicians must survive so they talk to him.  I met him recently.  He like the Imp suffers from low self esteem and finds stupid insults as his own defense.  I feigned not recognizing him.  I was not going to acknowledge him as someone known in Brownville politics.  He responded by thinking he was insulting me by saying, "I know you, you go to jail a lot." 


So this women giving the damning unverified interview of Rick says "hey you cannot trust Rick because he takes money under the table, but trust me because I am hiding $4,000, in Rick's bedroom."  The Imp actually does not see how no real journalist based on this one fact would have found her entire claim credible.

There are probably credible parts to the story, but they are being presented unverified and filtered by a woman who has a score to settle.


Claims of laundering campaign money are serious.  I believe they should be investigated.  I have said this before, this is the next area the AG wants to begin to take down politicians.

But this woman's seems to have been AOK with Rick allegedly taking bribes and participating in the laundering of campaign money so long as she was the only one Rick was boinking.  Such an innocent little angel. 

Oh, I want her to go to the FBI - she can explain that $4,000 she was hiding in Rick's house.

I have zero problems with this woman going to the AG and FBI if she has the proof.  But at this point, given the fact she by her own admission she turned a blind eye to what was happening, and herself concealing $4,000 in Rick's home, any real journalist would have at least secured the campaign finance reports.


The was an interesting claim.  During the last round the Escobedo brothers lost their contract with the city.  According to this reliable source Jaime Escobedo bribed Rick with under the table donations to get the contract back. 

No one has gone after the Escobedo brothers more than the BV, Juanito's position has always been based on who is paying him more.

Jaime Escobedo knows the morning he found his brother dead, the police were also at his brother home serving a search warrant.  Enrique found out the truth the night before and chose to end his life that morning.


It was Abraham Galonsky who with his lawyer Horacio Barrera, [Tony Martinez's law partner] who walked into the FBI with documents in hand claiming Art Rendon, Pat Lehmann, and Antonio Juarez, of the Brownsville Housing Authority, had cut a deal to give Enrique Escobedo's, then on the BISD Board, brother Jaime Escobedo the security contract, in exchange for Enrique voting the right way on the Juarez and soon to be filed Rendon litigation against BISD.

There is no chance Tony Martinez will ever vote to give the time of day to Jaime Escobedo. Everyone knows Commissioner Tetreau is even less likely to give Jaime the time of day.  He paid Juanito to trash her after he lost the contract.  Rose Gowen is going to go along with Tony.

Cesar de Leon was financed by Abraham Galonsky. He is not going to cross Galonsky on Escobedo.

Debbie Portillo is not going to add fuel to what is already going to be a challenging campaign in 2017, by getting in bed with Jaime Escobedo.  But just with Cesar's vote, there are four votes against Escobedo.  If Debbie Portillo shows good judgment she will make 5. 

If Jaime Escobedo thought he could bribe Rick Longoria into winning a contract - he is an idiot.  Jaime knows all of the players and knows it was never going to happen.


First he verifies.  Not done by the Imp. Then the journalist measures the credibility of the witness.  His witness is a woman who admits to concealing $4,000 in Rick's home and then asks for credibility.  His witness is a woman who apparently jumps in bed with a man after a few dates, and then feigns shock that a man who would bed her after a few dates sleeps around.


If we were to condemn every politician who has slept around, we would be very busy indeed.  I am no Kennedy fan - But JFK slept around on his wife and the American people seem to have moved on from that reality.

Bill Clinton remains popular even after being caught cheating on the First Lady while in the White House.

But according to the Imp, Rick Longoria should withdraw from the race and give it to Roman Perez, because he has more than one female friend with privileges.  Almost too surreal the Imp actually said it.  But then again, this has nothing to do with Rick Longoria - the Imp as part of his delusions of grandeur must destroy anyone who associated with Jerry McHale because I got him to believe the following:

""Hey Imp, a friend just reminded me - you know who told me about La llorana - it was Cris who was told to use her against you - you know who told him - Jerry - you are all alike - Cris, you and Jerry."

The above statement is true.  I knew if I used it, the two would put on a circus.  Jerry eventually realized what was happening and shut down.  He realized he had lowered himself further than he thought possible by participating in the war of words.  But the Imp cannot let it go.  Jerry will reemerge in due time,. and continue to bully, show his contempt for women and low self esteem.  But the Imp will become less than a footnote in history as he goes off again [ not] to his Beloved New Mexico.


BobbyWC said...

Take your nonsense to the Imp and post it - or just post it as one of your made up posts Imp.

I never said the claims are not true. You can lie all you want, but my words are there for everyone to read.

My issue was two fold, your obsession with McHale add Rick's refusal to give up his friendship.

Yes Rick showed very stupid judgment by advertising with McHale - but people are going to vote on his record, and not on a story posted by someone who has maybe 50 readers.

The second part of my post was why did this woman find under the table campaign money AOK so long as she was the only one being boinked by Rick?

How is that not a valid question Mr. failed journalist.

The Imp did not ask that question because it did not serve his biased story as a means to settle his obsession with McHale.

Why did the Imp not ask why she was concealing $4,000 at Rick's home?

That question did not help his story.

Trust me nothing would please me more than for the FBI to get a subpoena on the Imp's account to get the full conversation as proof for an complete investigation.

The Imp will panic.

I would love for the FBI to call this teacher in and ask her, so you sat there and watched an elected official being bribed and did nothing? Watch how fast she lawyers up. or here anwer will be "at the time he was only boinking me, and I was blinded by Loooove."

The only part of this story left to learn about is whether Jaime is willing to pay Juanito to run cover for him. I do not doubt Escobedo donated to Rick's campaign.

No one doubts Jaime Escobedo runs a corrupt organization. That is why it is so absurd to believe Rick was promising the votes for the contract.

The numbers are known to everyone - and the votes will never be there.

But let's wait and see if Jaime pays Juanito - if Juanito goes after Rick we know Jaime said no - if Juanito defends Rick we will know Jaime send a check over to Juanito.

A real journalist asks the hard questions like - why were you hiding money in Rick's home, why did you remain silent about all of this alleged illegal conduct until you found out about Rick cheating on you?

I say let the FBI and AG issue subpoenas on the Imp's account to get the complete and full conversation.

I say call her in now, and ask the hard questions the Imp refused to ask

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I know you, you go to jail a lot". (?)
Muy gracioso la RATA!!!!!
Well maybe its time for him to go to jail for a lot of time.

You know Bobby I read the interview that the young lady gave and I was appalled at the commissioner's behavior. Then I read what you wrote about not bringing this out sooner and realized that birds of a feather flock together.
Hope BISD launches a full investigation too. But then again maybe they wont because that's business as usual there.

Anonymous said...

I think you're being very harsh on a woman you don't know, a woman that's never bothered you or anyone else.Where in the story does it say she had "concealed " money? Why can't a person have money in their home? 4000 dollars is not a huge do you know she hadn't just sold something? This woman wasn't "dating" Rick...they had been a couple for 6 months and were a couple previously while in school . As for the cash contributions , it didn't happen the way you state that she stood there and knew what was going on . Your thrashing of this woman is very mean and inconsiderate . ..and no, I don't know her but I have many sisters and would hate for them to go thru that.I understand your point that Duardo wants to punish Rick but attacking this woman? You're much better than that Bobby . The whole episode doesn't pass the smell test and I feel the issue is possible illegal campaign contributions and the story should be put out.

BobbyWC said...

the entire thing does not pass the smell test. I'm sorry but you do not yell religion when you are an unmarried woman have sex.

You do not get to say what is the big deal of her having $4,000 at Rick's - so money Rick gets deserves an investigation but her money does not.

I'm sorry I would never put $4000 in the home of someone I am dating. My money remains in banks and financial accounts where it belongs.

I rarely even have cash because a debit card is safer.

No one is buying she was innocently allowing Rick to hold onto her money.

You seem to want to ignore a reality.

Why are we talking about this? She made it public - not Rick - so your argument is she can go public and how dare anyone question her on it. BS

There is another verifiable lie - but I have to wait until Monday to prove it - you will then have more excuses for her.

And finally, you are a liar in how I am playing this story - I made it clear it angers me how her lie may mean the guilty may walk.

You know as well as I do I am not calling her a liar as to the donations. My concern is her lies or just assuming things when they may not be true will actually cause the state or the feds to not take the allegations seriously.

If you want the truth, which you do not, this would also concern you.

She is already changing her story on Escobedo - her numbers are changing.

As to her claim that Rick pays extra in child support.

When you consider his teacher pay and income from his business, at 20% 1,100 seem about right.

Her problem is she is just guessing at things causing her to not be credible.

Are you saying Rick between his teacher pay and DJ business is not making between 65 and 70k. Because if he is not he is a complete failure as a DJ.

She needs to stick to the facts. Really someone passing cash through a window looked normal to her?

Please - you did not help her one bit.

But in the end Rick could be guilty - because unlike you, I was not there to see what really happened.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Blogger Bobby WC said...
Information on Jerry's private life will not be approved on the BV

Bobby WC

May 12, 2015 at 6:49 PM"

So, writing about Rick's "pecker" and how he was "boinking" another woman, is approved by the BV and is not consider to be the private life of Rick unlike that of McHale. It seem that you have double standards when it is convenience for you to write an article to proof your point. Really, "pecker" and "boinking" being used in a journalist manner?
Furthermore, your readers dare you not to print this comment like many of those that you have fail to post when constructive criticism is given to you.

BobbyWC said...

You know your childish threats only make you look stupid.

Jerry is not a public figure running for office. Beyond the Imp talking about him to settle a score no one is talking about him.

So how then is his private life a public concern.

Julie Olvera brought the story out. Now she wants everyone to remain silent in terms of questioning her story. Only she is allowed to speak.

I am covering both sides. But research takes time.

There is actually interesting evidence out there against both sides, but I am not going to rush to print for good copy. When the documents are in my hands they will be published.

But here is the bottom line - why did this woman not just go to the FBI - why go to Roman Perez - she is settling a score not interested in getting anyone indicted.

She open the door and now I am going to look in - to both sides.

You may night like it, but I will.

She should have gone to the feds before she caught him cheating on her. She could have helped them and then it would not be a he said she said - which goes nowhere.

But there may be evidence against both of them which supports each sides counterclaims.

The BV will post all documents.

I have the requests and will post the documents as soon as I get them.

No sacred cows.

But you know what - I take accusations of public corruption seriously - they do not belong on one sided blogs wherein the blogger has a score to settle or has already taken sides.

Accusations of public corruption belong in affidavit form and filed with the FBI.

I may talk about claims I have discovered, but I document them and send the documents on to the FBI or AG to let them sort it out.

She made this into a soap opera- she hurt her own credibility. If Rick is guilty and walks it will because of Julie Olvera and Roman Perez and the moronic bloggers who failed to properly vet her and search for corroborating evidence.

I am developing corroborating evidence against both sides. that is how a story is developed.

If I were the Imp, Barton and the drunk I can assure you I would have released the claims I have against Roman, but I did not because I vetted the witness and formed an opinion of highly suspect and not trustworthy

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"No one is buying she was innocently allowing Rick to hold onto her money"
I don't remember being asked so I talked to a few people and they don't remember being asked either. Can you suggest anything we can do for our memory because I know you wouldn't claim "no one" if you hadn't talked to everyone and that it could be verified that you had, probably with documents.

Anonymous said...

" . . . was a threat he was going to produce the evidence my mother was a whore."

In the Mexican American's culture of the barrio, you dare not say anything about another person's mother. If you do, you better be prepared for the worse.

Many have stop reading the Imp's Blog, for the reasons that a person do not disrespect another individual's mother in order to attack that person. Like the old saying, "No ###### con mi madre, porque te lleva la ######."

BobbyWC said...

So I should have said very few. In all of the social media covering this people see her in a negative light. The imp is blocking the negative. Rick may be guilty but the way she went about it put her credibility into question. If she truly cared about the corruption she would have gone to the feds and not Roman Perez. Before this is over she will realize how Roman is playing her more than Rick ever did. Had she gone to the feds maybe they would have caught him in the act and he would not even be in the run offs

Anonymous said...

Why do you always fly off the handle and start calling people liars and other names ? I thought you claim " that's when the BV works best" when you extend the discussion . Of course I want to know the truth, I just think your story is slanted on Rick's side...that's my opinion and,no, that doesn't make me a liar.As far as her money/Rick's money . ...he's the one getting contributions , not her....a fact you glossed over . Understand, I'm not defending her actions . ...just feel you go overboard sometimes to the point of being plain mean.

BobbyWC said...

How many times have I said Rick can be guilty? Without clear evidence I cannot find him guilty. So your claim I am taking Rick side or favoring him is false.

You really seem to have no concern about how she went to Roman instead of the feds.

That should concern everyone - and you seem to be faulting me for waiting on documents.

I do not just trust people.

I am nearly 100% sure she lied about something very important, but there is a small chance she did not. So I am holding on accusing her or verifying what she said until I get the document.

I am working on the document.

If the document is what it should be she lied, but if it is not what it should be then she has a strong argument he was taking money.

How is it wrong that I am saying you vet people and investigate before you print for good copy.

Whatever this document shows it shows - let the axe fall where it falls.

I do not trust people and I suspect most people agree with me that when she ran to Rick's political opponents with juicy soap opera stuff instead of law enforcement, she really was not thinking about ending the corruption.

Think about it had she gone to law enforcement from square one and she is telling the truth Rick would have been arrested during the campaign and not be in the run-offs. Now would that not have been the better way to handle this?

Even after she caught him, why not run to the FBI or AG instead of Roman? - I want the corruption ended, and not played out as a soap opera on the internet which tends to taint the evidence

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On Barton's page where this started, the comments are very negative towards her. They include negative comments I have rejected because they were not supported by proof.

I will deal in proof. I will get as many documents on Monday as possible. But I have an early morning appointment at Valley Baptist and depending on how I feel I can head over to city hall.

My headaches are intense - according to the NIH they are not being caused by the sinus surgery. They are more consistent with the fluid pressure.

Guys, I know my typing is getting worse. The vision in my left eye is real bad. Tylenol does nothing for the headaches - I am off all Aspirin or ibuprofen products because of next week's surgery. In fact the sinus surgeon will not clear me for such products until June 1st. And depending on whether or not the shunting is done versus the spinal tap to drain the brain fluid I could be off all such products for a while.

I hate Tylenol - it has never worked for me.

But I will do my best to get the documents. All I can say is let the axe fall where it may.

No other blogger is searching out documents to verify - in part because they do not know the law and the implications of certain statements and how to prove or disprove them.

Like I said there is one document which will prove she is a liar or prove Rick had a need for money. Once I have it I will post it and let the axe fall where it falls.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

One thing that we should not lose sight of is the seriousness of the alegations. The rest is fluff and distraction.

BobbyWC said...

I agree. See the morning post. I explain the document I will secure from the city in the morning. It will prove she is telling the truth about something Rick allegedly told her which then becomes circumstantial evidence of laundering of campaign money, or it proves beyond a doubt she is lying. Let the axe fall where it may. You will not how the imp had a meltdown over the prospect of me being able to produce a document. Its called vetting the witness something never learned as a nournalist