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The Imp announces he is in a war of words with me and is going to take me down. This would be the equivalent of the Imp bringing a pebble to a fight with someone with 1000 nuclear war heads. I point out he does not even know the meaning of a selfie, and his win in the war of words is Blimp. I point out his fabricated story about laundering of campaign money by a city commissioner by posting the campaign finance reports which prove the Carlos Marin money was in fact reported, and he responds with a homophobic diatribe and Blimp.  The Imp as a life long loser has no concept of the meaning of the word win.

Here is the story the Imp is going to break while claiming it breaks me.  It is in the original as I posted it so there is nothing new.  You will note in the story Arambula called the BISD police on me to settle a score and when all was all said and done BISD Superintendent sent the BISD police into Arambula's office to retrieve the documents I was requesting.

In the real world with people you cannot win a war by throwing pebbles at someone, this was a big win for me.

As to the lawsuit, after I got the insurance declaration sheet so I could send the demand directly to the insurance company for BISD, it was pointed out to me by several high ranking BISD Administrators who keep me informed that I was going to come across  as no better than Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria, by costing the District $100,000 deductible - money which is desperately needed by the children and teachers.  I agreed and let it go.  I was convinced that the district would spend the $100,000 and still take no action against Arambula after the insurance company settled.  So in the end the lawsuit would accomplish nothing, except leaving less for the children and teachers - so I did the right thing and let it go.

In the end though, it was the BISD police under orders from Carl Montoya who forced Martin Arambula to give me the documents.  I call that a humiliating loss for Arambula.

In the original post you might note how much came true about the election.

Nothing to hide, except the truth - I got the documents and decided to put the needs of the children ahead of my own -

So to help you along Imp

The Original Story


 If you hate the BV hate Martin Arambula and Jerry McHale.  It was  during his first run for the Port that I decided to start the BV.  Jerry being paid to keep the truth about Arambula away from the public censored my comment.  It is my history with Arambula which caused him to call the police on me long after I left the building in which he works and after he got off the phone with his boss over my complaint.  And like I said in part one - I got my documents.


My nephew was working the scales at the city dumps.  Arambula showed up with county construction material.  He  demanded to be allowed to dump his trash for free.  My nephew refused.  Arambula then said to him "do you know who I am, I am running for Port Commissioner."  He called my nephew's boss to complain and try and get him fired for not allowing him to dump county construction material for free.  My nephew's boss called him and said "charge Arambula just like anyone else."

I saw this as evidence of poor character and how he would conduct himself as an elected official.  Hell this guy was not yet even elected and he was already demanding the perks of corrupt government.

Since I have repeated this story many times, Arambula has been very mad at me - he used the other day to settle the score and lost - because whereas he paid to dump his trash, I got my documents and did not even have to pay the $2.00 normally charged.

And when he announces for his next elective office the original story and the story about how he called the police on me will be repeated over and over again.


A friend had his border card application denied because he was born by mid-wife. I'm sorry but for over 30 years the government was happy with his birth certificate, gave him a social security card, and took his taxes.  And now his birth certificate is not enough - pure bull shit.

Anyway BISD has a form for requesting transcripts - on the bottom the former student can sign a statement authorizing BISD to give the transcripts to a third party.  We have all signed the same statement with our doctors.  There is no great background investigation.  The other two school districts involved had no problems helping us.   Everything went off without a hitch

I presented the form and was told my friend had to be there to verify that he signed the authorization for release.  I said if that were the case what then is the purpose of the authorization if he has to be there?  They can just give him his transcripts directly.

Now I did mess up and failed to bring his ID.  I asked for an email of the blond who was being so unprofessional and said he would email it from his email account directly to her and I would bring a copy.  He was at work and could not leave or accept phone calls.  I went home and emailed from his account his drivers license and brought a copy of the original.

They are still refusing to comply insisting he has to be there to verify he signed the authorization.  They then said they  would call him at work to verify.  He cannot answer the phone at work.  I explained they could get him fired.  The blond did not care.  They called and he did not answer.

I noted no where on the form does it say he has to be there - and besides it would defy the entire idea of a signed authorization.  Although they had already told me Arambula was not there all of a sudden he was there.  After about 10 minutes or so of the blond speaking with Arambula comes back and says they are holding to their policy.

But what angered me, and I immediately left was, she accused me of using forged documents and possible identify theft.  Arambula and his blond aide are idiots.  If they truly believed I was using forged documents and attempting identity theft and they truly cared about the security of the student transcripts the blond should have told me to take a seat and the documents would be ready in a minute while they called the police to investigate their claims.  The fact they did not do this means - it was a bogus excuse for Arambula retaliating against me for our history.

I did tell the blond that she could tell me there was a variance in the signature on the license and authorization but not that I was presenting forged documents.  I told her that was unprofessional and left.  I said I would go to my car and call Arambula's boss.

My phone records will prove the calls.  I spoke with Arambula's boss for a period of time and explained the absurdity of my friend having to be there to verify his authorization, and my long history with Arambula.  He said he would call me back.  Maybe 10 minutes later he calls me back and says BISD has a new policy effective immediately - I need a special signed affidavit.  I was not going to play.  BISD has a form - we used it and Arambula cared more about retaliation than following procedure.  I told Mr. Guerra I was going to call Dr. Montoya.  Mr .Guerra needs to be handled for going along with this.  You do not just change policy because Arambula has a score to settle with someone.

By this time Dr. Montoya was aware of the situation through a third party.  I was on the phone with his secretary when the police showed up.  She heard my disbelief that Arambula called the police.  At this point I had been out of the building for at least 15-20 minutes in my car speaking with people at BISD.  The secretary asked to speak with the officer and he backed off.  She asked that I give her time to work on the problem and she would call me back.

During this time I apologized to the officer for misdirecting my anger at him when in fact I was infuriated with Arambula.  The officer gets an A+ for how he handled me.  BISD is lucky to have him on staff.  We all waited.  The officer got a call to go into Arambula's office to secure the transcripts I was seeking and I left.

Calling the police because I have politically opposed him on his bad character and for filing a complain with his boss in unacceptable.  In any normal corporation such conduct would result in discharge.


I do not expect to be much involved in the BISD election.  As to Otis Powers and any puppet he seeks to run - Montoya can run lies 24/7 and the BV will not expose them.  The mere fact the candidate is tied to Otis Powers for me will be enough to oppose him.  I will remain silent as Montoya does his dirty work to lie endlessly about whomever Otis Powers puts up.

How Luci Longoria handles the Arambula mess could decide her future.  But the first thing she needs to do is drop her lawsuit.  She has the upper hand on Otis Powers on the Arambula matter.  She needs to use it to her political advantage.  The question is will she.  But if she continues the lawsuit and her  opponents can get the issue out there, she has zero chance of reelection.  It is a valid issue which must be addressed.  But she does have the advantage of showing that Arambula can violate the civil rights of a citizen with impunity and Otis Powers and his group will run cover for him.  I could be wrong but I think I now have three votes against Arambula.

 Lopez better think twice about whether he wants to remain tied to Otis Powers.  If he chooses to remain tied to Otis Powers BISD will certainly be better without him.  It will be an easy argument for the Presas-Garcia/Longoria camp to push their candidate against Lopez as once again backing the silencing of political speach and allowing for retaliation.  This will work to the advantage of the Presas-Garcia/Longoria lawsuits.

Guys this is not about backing one side or another - it is politics and how it works.  It is like the game of Survivor - politics is big moves and playing the narrative to your advantage.  It is never about the people and certainly not about the children. 

Now personally I will not vote for any candidate tied to either political camp.


The first time her ran from service of the lawsuit wherein he calls Robert Sanchez a liar about his part in the defamation per se, but then profiles Sanchez as a credible supporter of Pat Ahumada.

Then there was that on line news magazine "Bad Chili"

Horrified that some good writers were submitting articles I copied and pasted the Imp's homophobic, anti-abused women, and anti=Jew articles to the writers. This is what the editor of the magazine said about the Imp.

"The response I got from the Editor of "Bad Chili" sent to me in an email stated the following:

"but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface."

Bill Dubose quickly learned such as every other child who ever met Duardy, "once they know him they do not like him." 

Bill Dubose then sent the following email to a contributor of "Bad Chili" apologizing for having exposed her to Duardy.

To: Janet Manley:

I do apologize on behalf of Bad Chili. It seems the deeper I dig, the more concerned I am about what he was up to. I know we have not communicated before now, and I understand your hesitance, but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface. It is for this reason that I ask you to forward any emails he sent you of a questionable nature. To protect your privacy and security concerns, you could edit out any contact information, including names and addresses. I just need to be aware of the practices he was engaging in.

Please be assured that the magazine is now, and will be from now on be conducting business in a professional manner. Patrick will not receive any more emails addressed to

My design studio website is if you'd like to cross-reference me. I have been in business with my wife and partner for over 20 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. You can respond to the email address posted on that website and I will receive it.In your response, please let me know if you still want your story taken down, and I will do so immediately. I regret the circumstances of our meeting, and the bad impression Patrick has left with you. The requested information will help me in dealing with him legally if necessary.


It went something like this, he tells me I have to deal with his non=existent lawyer - then he says he is too busy because he is off to his beloved New Mexico, then a dinosaur or something damaged the plane and he could not go to New Mexico - and then he reemerged living with his niece.  I believe that is what Jerry said.


The above he has never been able to do, which is why he always goes homophobic, anti-gay, and with the word Blimp.  He is not even original in his writing.  Sometime ago I noted I ignore him for long periods of time because it drives him nuts, so now he flips it and says that is what he does to me.  I cannot think of a time when he is writing wherein he is not attacking me - so exactly when has he left me alone?

I just need to keep this going because it will only serve to cause further damage to Pat Ahumada for refusing to denounce the Imp.  Pat is too stupid that the Imp will destroy him before he stops. 


Anonymous said...

Why do you waste your time with the Imp? The dude is a loser. Why do candidates talk to the weasel....don't they know he is just suckering them in so he can bash them later? The guy thinks he is a credible news call him a joke would insult jokes.

BobbyWC said...

I agree, but for not I have my reasons. he is hanging himself and killing anyone he tries to support in the election.

There will not be much more. He will go away soon.

Bobby WC