Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Americans are travelling in record numbers, and many illegally.  To appease the Batistas in Miami if you want to travel to Cuba legally you have to pay exorbitant fees to a handful of agencies authorized to do guided tours to Cuba.
Many Americans are flying out of Monterrey, Mexico though Mexico City.  Your passports are not stamped.  The Cubans work with the Americans who travel illegally so that it is harder to track them.
From Monterrey it is $590 round-trip.  Travel agencies in Matamoros for $1500 will get you a week in Cuba on fabulous beaches and locally guided tours.  But as a U.S. American it is all illegal.
But it is not illegal if you pay a company with a special permit to do the same guide at $4,000 plus dollars.  Ferry service was just approved between Florida and Cuba - it is expected to be commerce. 
If Cuba us such a threat, why are they not a threat if you are willing to pay $4,000 plus to a specially approved U.S. company, but all of a sudden become a threat if you put the tour together on your own using a Mexican travel agent.
This hold the Batistas in Miami still have over U.S. policy towards Cuba has to end.  The only terrorists are the Batistas in Miami who continue to control U.S. Cuba relations.

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