Monday, May 4, 2015


This mailer hit Saturday so it probably had little effect on Saturday's early voting.  Direct mailers hit the people who actually vote.  I personally believe they are more effective than ads in the Herald, which are rarely read.

This mailer may give her a boost today and tomorrow.  It will take more direct mailers or door to door campaigning to impact election day voting.

The mailer is straight forward.  It lists her accomplishments.  There is no mention of her opponent.  It allows the voters to focus on her, and not all of the drama endlessly created by Zarate.  The horrible language and endless lies have all come from the Zarate camp through the blogs. 

Although provided an opportunity to explain the problems with DownbytheBorder, Zarate has refused.  Why?  The BV discounted the claim he was working with Herminia because that was clear in the picture.  The BV has only covered the verifiable facts.  There has been no vulgarities allowed against Zarate or his wife.  The same cannot be said for Zarate - his bought for bloggers have used nothing but vulgarities to describe Commissioner Tetreau.  Why?  They cannot refute the record she has in her mailer.

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