Monday, May 18, 2015

To the parents whose children are the object of Roman Perez's youth ministering, when you find your daughters on the Internet trashing their ex boyfriends and bringing humiliation to themselves and your family you will know where they learned it, Roman Perez.
Roman Perez claims to be part of the youth ministry of his church, I defy anyone to defend how he handled this woman when she came to him with her grief.  Why was she used as a political pawn instead of referring her to someone in the church who could help her with her feelings of betrayal?
I defy anyone to defend Roman Perez on this issue.
I get it, this woman feels like she gave Rick a lot of time and help, and then he allegedly betrayed her.  She is angry.  So she goes to Roman Perez, and instead of doing what any real or good Christian would do, namely helping her speak with someone who can help her with her sense of betrayal, he plays her into playing out her entire drama on the Internet.  There is nothing Christian about Roman Perez - he abused the situation of this woman for his own political end.

Then comes the Imp - "answer my questions Rick or resign."  Really? So Rick refuses to enter the fray of this mess by trashing this woman or using deceptive tactics against her claims, and in the eyes of the Imp  Rick is the bad guy and Roman Perez is the hero for manipulating this woman into taking her drama to the Internet for his own political ends.

You will note I am not using her name.  She was wrong for taking this drama to the Internet - but then she was played by the devil Roman Perez - so I will let it go without using her name.

For me the issue I care about is the laundering of campaign money.  It is a problem in the LRGV.  It was not long ago Juanito not once but twice got caught taking out ads in the Herald using his old address and the name J.A. Sandoval.  Investigators verified no J.A. Sandoval ever lived at the address. But they chose not to prosecute.  No where did the money spent on these fake ads appear in the campaign finance reports of the candidates Juanito was openly supporting for pay.


Monday after my appointment at Valley Baptist, I will go in search of a particular document.  The  document will be posted one way or the other.  Let the axe fall where it falls.  If you note this woman's claims other than what Ayala gave Rick, she was eye witness to nothing.  It is all "Rick told me." 

I am no friend of Jaime Escobedo.  I am not the one who has taken Escobedo money to run cover for them or to trash Jessica Tetreau - that was Juanito.

But this woman admits she cannot now even remember if it was Escobedo at La Rancherita because she was not there.

"What do you mean "accidentally"...? How did it happen?...Well, as I said before he did receive a $2,000+ donation at La Rancherita restaurant, but I can't recall who did and   ..... "


[1]  That the woman is telling the truth about something told her, which then if true becomes circumstantial evidence of the laundering of campaign money;


[2]  That everything this woman says Rick told her is suspect.

Let the axe fall where it falls.

I do not doubt many of our elected officials have taken money under the table.  It would not surprise me if Rick took money under the table.  There is no meaningful way to trace any of this.   It would not surprise me if Roman took money under the table.

I have been working on the laundering of campaign money for at least four years.  I have dumped more stories than I care to remember.  A person will tell me that so and so told them that they were told by the candidate that so and so gave them x number of dollars in cash.  I will go to the eyewitness and they will call my source a liar.  My source will then tell me they were gotten to.  This has happened over and over again.

I never run with the stories because a he said she said is of zero value in terms of evidence.

But I can assure you if the document shows she lied the Imp, Barton and Juanitio will spin it as proof she told the truth.  Every claim has been printed, processed and made ready for use in a complaint if the evidence points in that direction.  So the Imp can delete everything or try and change the wording, but the original has been preserved.

And if I had a dollar every time the Imp said he would never speak of me again, I would be a billionaire.  On Saturday he said he was done speaking of me, and on Sunday I again was the focus of his diatribe reminiscent of his arguments with his editors as they would remind him time and time again, "vet your sources."  This is the true source of his anger - I remind him of his former editors.

So after Valley Baptist to preregister for Thursday's surgery I will be off to the city and then home with the document.

Let the axe fall where it falls.  I have no interest in the personal twist between Rick and this lady.  But I am very interested in the claim of laundering of campaign money.  I have done an open records request for all of Rick's campaign reports for 2014, and 2015.  Every page will be posted for everyone to see.  The information is there or it is not - that simple.

I will not ask my readers to just trust me - they can see all of the reports themselves.


BobbyWC said...

Still at Valley Baptist. The city appears to have sent me the campaign finance reports. They are too large to open on my phone. On the phone i learned something which tells me there may be two documents which verify an essential allegation. When i get home i will post the document i find, and then slowly upload all of the campaign finance reports. Let the axe fall where it falls

BobbyWC said...

I will post in a bit but the document presents circumstantial evidence of laundering of campaign funds

Anonymous said...

Roman Castro potrays himself as a church going individual family oriented wants to be a deacon at Christ the King Church why stoop so low and get involved in all this mess you should of conforted Ms Olvera with the word of the Lord that you know so much and not be a Vieja Arguendera del barrio..