Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pat has been warned by his supporters about associating with the Imp - getting the Imp to hang himself and thereby Pat was not even a challenge.  He does not take advice from anyone - you either do as you are told or get out of his way.
My earlier post had a theme of Pat Ahumada crying like a baby when people raise his personal life, and then his decision to meet with and associate with the person making it his reason to live - the trashing of Rick Longoria's personal life.  Even an idiot knows you do not alienate Longoria's supporters when it will be District 1 with the largest turnout.
So Pat being Pat, and this was my theme, demands no one speak of his personal life, while turning a blind eye to the Imp at times outright lying about Rick Longoria's personal life.
There is no conspiracy theory - it is there for everyone to see and read.  It is not disputed Pat has met several times with the Imp - the one making Rick Longoria's personal life the center of his life.
Pat wants to have it both ways - I say no - so Pat now gets some of his own medicine and what does his new found friend the Imp do - he goes homophobic - And I will tell you - Pat will not care.  He is really that dense.
The Imp's response to my pointing out Pat Ahumada's double standard on the issue of his personal life.
"Keep typing. It keeps your fingers out of your ass just enough so that you give that busy, love canal a break..."
Brilliant journalism by the Imp - don't you agree?  The set up was not even a challenge.
The Imp has said the only people worse than the Nazi's are the Jews - this should help Pat with the Jewish vote.
The Imp blamed abused women as bringing it upon themselves - I think Pat can relate to that one.
The Imp has demanded veterans stop whining about VA care - veterans should love that one - yea Pat I see veterans turning out in large numbers for you on that one.
The Imp has shown a level of homophobia which makes Roman Perez look like a supporter of Marriage Equality.
Setting up the Imp for one of his homophobic statements was not even a challenge.
This is your future Pat - you chose to get in bed with pure evil, and now your personal life will be played out for all of Brownsville - if you were a man you would have denounced it when the Imp did it to Rick Longoria - but you did not - and now you will be on the blogs crying like a baby denying being aligned with the Imp.

Too late Pat - you are toast.


Anonymous said...

You were in bed with Eduardo Paz Martinez too Bobby....I do not know what he did to make you mad....but you two were buddy buddy when you were going after McHale and calling him a porn blogger. You are the one that can not6 have it both ways....hypocrite!

BobbyWC said...

You are dead wrong - I never aligned with the Imp. The Imp knows nothing about original ideas.

I raised the issue of candidates for public office advertising on a blog with porn.

The Imp decided he was mad and went with the issue I raised.

I cannot control the fact the Imp never has any original ideas.

The Imp's use of the porn issue was as a weapon to publish Jerry. My issue was it was not right for anyone running for public office. the Imp did not care one bit about the porn - he was cool with it so long as he was friends with Jerry.

There is a big difference.

Even the one time the Imp said he was not in communication with me I went public with the fact he lied and that there was an email.

The Imp my valid issue for his own gain to hurt Jerry - I had no control over that.

I in fact published a comment I was not getting in the middle of their battle. My issue was then and remains, as someone running for public office you do not advertise on a blog with porn.

Even after Rick Longoria refused to pull his ad, after Michael Gonzalez gave a no comment - I praised Rick for at least being honest he was staying with McHale because they were friends . I said he was still wrong - but at least he answered the question as opposed to the coward Michael Gonzalez - no comment and I only talk through press releases.

Further, the BV is the only blog to come to Jerry's defense in terms of the contempt proceedings.

So your comment is 100% false and is known to anyone who reads the BV.

But nice try in trying to defend the indefensible.

I was clear in my posting, I was not getting in the middle of their lovers spat.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Either way you're reaching BWC..

BobbyWC said...

Several people who work with Pat called me today and told me they are done. They had already stopped asking people to vote for him because they got tired of people looking at them if they are nuts.

One finally verified there was an incident wherein someone walked out.

To a person they all say the same thing, Pat refuses to work with his own campaign people and people are tired of it.

They are giving up. Support for Pat is shrinking by the day. When the very people who are meeting with him and trying to help him are telling me he cannot even work with them, why should I believe he will be able to work with the city commission.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Pat will not change. He recruits new people that are not involved in politics and brainwashes them into working for him. They need to be new to the political landscape …or been in a coma for decades so they will not know about his past. Pat needs new people because he needs new voters…..the people that know him and have voted before….are not going to vote for the man. We will elect one of his dogs before he gets another term…..And dogs have been elected mayor before….check it out.