Saturday, May 30, 2015



Pete Avila is running for either Constable or JP.  All I saw on the sign was Pete Avila 2016, but not the position.

Juanito said the following "Wightman did not tell the State Bar that Montes just happens to be his nephew."  The statement clearly means I filed the complaint against Louis Sorola.  I defied him to produce evidence the complaint was filed by me.  Since he knows he cannot, he has now become a handwriting expert.

A lot of people call me for help. A lot of people ask me for addresses.  Even judges call on me for help.

I would have no legal standing to file a complaint against Sorola concerning the matter Juanito speaks of.

I never filed a complaint.  That is a fact.  He cannot produce a document with my signature on it, so he now changes his story.

If I did not file it how is this following possibly true?

"Wightman did not tell the State Bar that Montes just happens to be his nephew."

Inasmuch as I did not file it, how could I fail to tell them anything?

Setting up Sorola for failure is not even a challenge.  He is too stupid to think overall strategy.  He plays it stone by stone in hopes he hits something failing to remember, every word you say can and will be used against you.

And do not forget the State Bar refused every complaint which landed Villalobos I federal prison.  The State Bar is the largest criminal enterprise in the state of Texas. 


So Juanito in one of his paid for nonsense postings claims I am not credible because I have accused Judges and attorneys of wrongdoing, then he posts an entire nonsense piece given to him by Cris Valadez attacking Judge Sanchez and his brother a lawyer.  Only a drunk does not see it.

Virtually every story on Tony Martinez corruption broke on the BV.  Juanito was 8 months behind I believe on the $35,000 rule wherein Tony was ordering city manage Cable to pay his friends and compadres for business with the city which cost less than $35,000.

Juanito jumped on the Casa del Nylon and Galonsky deal like a starved lion.  Well until Ben Neece told him to back off because Galonsky was backing his boys in the election, then the story ended.

Because the story is meaningless, I never looked at the handwriting in detail.  But one of his readers while attacking me notes the B and D are completely different.

Pay attention Louis Sorola - I am not the one looking to hold public office.  I have no family member looking to hold public office.  You do. Every time you pay this drunk to do your dirty business it reflects on your wife and mother in law.  Not a word of Juanito is going to cost me a penny or a vote.  I take money from no one.  I report.

But keep on hanging yourself, your wife and mother in law.  It makes my job easier, if you hang them for me.

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Anonymous said...

LOL... I like how you interchange his mugshots from story to story.