Thursday, May 14, 2015

Maybe a week or two ago, Juantito defended Saenz against me concerning the Hector Negrete case.  That case is now formally under criminal investigation.  So which is it Juanito?  You cannot seem to keep your lies straight from day to day.  How can I be filing bogus criminal complaints against Saenz - Hector Negrete - while also being he spokesman?
Saenz is being looked at in the Justin Ramos, Alex Begum and Negrete/Louis Sorola alleged bribe cases among others.  This is Juanito's proof I am Saenz's boy.
 According to Montoya, the criminal complaints I have against DA Saenz and his ex investigator Victor Cortez are evidence of me trying to get Victor Cortez elected sheriff. When Montoya was still friends with Saenz he attacked me endlessly for going after Saenz and Cortez and the issues for which I have filed criminal complaints.
He has nothing to report so he must just make up stories.  I do not doubt who ever sent me the anony heads up on the Sheriff Lucio story is running for sheriff - that is a given.
In my story, unlike anything Montoya would ever do, I went out of my way to say Lucio was dismissed from the lawsuit in both his individual and official capacity.  I then went out of my way to note Judge Tagle went out her way of sending the county a message that if they were to hire more competent counsel, all of the defendants might get dismissed from the lawsuit.  Translation, Bandjan may not have a case.
But why deal in fairness when a lie is so much easier when you have nothing to write about.
Juanito has no idea what is happening in the DA's office and it is killing him.  There are numerous criminal complaints from many sources.  There are more on the way.  Victor Cortez's campaign for sheriff will die before it gets a real running start.  He is so, so crewed he does not even known it. His ties to Saenz will end his career.
A final word - it was not the BV who accused Sheriff Lucio of working with Rick Zayas to defraud the inmates, it was Juanito who now wants to protect Sheriff Lucio.  Oh he really does not want to protect Sheriff Lucio, he just want to lie about a non-existent relationship between me and DA Saenz, because he has nothing else to write about.
You can bet your bottom dollar that had he had the heads up first or access to Pacer and the money to pay for the opinion which he copies from to justify his story, he would have.  He lost  the scoop so he discredits the story.
The  story has too parts - one the county commission knew of the problems with their attorneys even before Cascos left.  The magistrate judge made it known over and over again they were not doing their job.  Cascos turned a blind eye to the incompetence and now the county is facing a possible million dollar judgment.
The second part is, Judge Tagle makes clear there is evidence for a jury to consider.
Now we all know once a candidate for Sheriff agrees to pay Juanito, he will take the opinion I paid for and quote from it to destroy Lucio - why? - the beer.
Really?, a federal judge in a written opinion accuses county attorneys of incompetence and according to Juanito that is not newsworthy.  He seems to think he is still working for the Herald where nothing is ever newsworthy.


BobbyWC said...

Okay moron, go to Juanito's page to post your lies.

We both know you are lying when you imply that Lucio's opponents are not going to use this against him. Of course they are. That is why which ever candidate gave me the heads up gave it to me.

It was only newsworthy because [1] Judge Tagle is desperately trying to tell commissioners court to get new counsel; [2] Lucio was dismissed from the lawsuit; and [3] if you read the opinion Judge Tagle doesn't really paint the Plaintiff in a positive light - her entire issue is - the case seems to be going on because of incompetent counsel.

In the actual order, versus the opinion she goes after the county attorneys for their bogus complaints against the magistrate judge of bias. She upholds the magistrates findings up of incredible incompetence by the county attorneys.

The county has know about this for well before Cascos left - but Cascos had to protect his boys - and he did - or he did nothing so Lucio would look bad.

Yes, Lucio will answer for it in March 2016, because his opponents will use it and if you think otherwise you are delusional.

Lucio will respond by saying he was dismissed from the lawsuit.

The question is, why did Republican Cascos allow for this incompetent representation of Lucio, his staff, and Villalobos and his staff to continue?

Answer to help Victor Cortez defeat Lucio is where the probable answer lies.

Victor Cortez is going to have a ruff row with the BV. He will get no support here.

I am not Presas-Garcia who sues someone for a million dollars and then votes to extent their contract.

I have a criminal complaint against Victor Cortez and intend to keep it going until he is held accountable.

Saenz is done for. There are things in the works. The DOJ right now has their hands tied because they got him to not prosecute Oscar de la Fuente. If that comes out Villalobos walks out of jail - but the DOJ is growing tired of Saenz - they may just say screw it and allow Villalobos to walk out of jail in order to nail Saenz.

Saenz has pushed the limits

He cannot win as a Democrat or Republican.

And I will be damned before I not fight tooth and nail before I allow the Republicans to elect one more official in Cameron county.

In the next 30 days do not be surprised is DA staff begin to resign. Some will have to take the hit for Saenz or turn on him.

The leans in Saenz office are enormous.

No one will talk with Juanito because they all know for a couple of bucks he will turn them into Saenz.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The county has know about this for well before Cascos left - but Cascos had to protect his boys - and he did - or he did nothing so Lucio would look bad.

This is a ridiculous statement.

BobbyWC said...

How is this ridiculous? Cascos was kept informed about the litigation and the multiple findings by the magistrate judge concerning the substandard representation by the county attorneys.

Did he not have a duty to act? No instead he allowed these attorneys to attack the magistrate judge as biased against them, something Judge Tagle rejected as without merit.

Who had the most to gain if Sheriff Lucio lost this case?

Cascos and his Republican buddies - like Victor Cortez and Luis Saenz.

Judge Tagle's comments in her opinion were directed at commissioners court - "why are you allowing this substandard representation to continue?"

Sofie Benavides better think twice about not speaking out against these substandard lawyers.

Lucio now knows the truth about how she turned a blind eye to what was happening. She could find the full force and effect of his political machine going against her and her family.

Both defense counsel need to be fired, while Commissioners Court opens a full investigation into their conduct.

It is like Judge Tagle said - with proper representation all of the defendants could find themselves dismissed from the case.

By keeping the case alive the Democrats look bad which only serves to help Cascos' Republican buddies to look good come November 2016. Victor Cortez's campaign will end before it begins.

Commissioner's court better get its act together and hire competent counsel for the defendants.

Bobby WC