Friday, May 22, 2015


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You will note he returned to FB on the 18th, the same day the court agreed to set for hearing by submission his motion for Summary Judgment in the Contempt Motion filed by his ex wife.

05/18/2015  Order Setting Hearing (Judicial Officer: Olvera, Rolando )
Order Setting Gerald McHale, Respondent's Motion for Summary Judgment Pursuant to TRCP 166a by Submission
06/16/2015  Motion for Summary Judgment  (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Olvera, Rolando)
RESP'S M/F/SJ by Submission Only

Jerry said he would return to FB when the time was right. In part he chose FB because people would have to post with their real names. Jerry did exactly like he said he would do.

The Imp to not be outdone by Jerry agrees that anony comments are not good and bans them.  48 hours later realizing no one will comment on his page, the Imp returns to posting his own fake anony comments.  Not exactly what he said he would do.

It is "Stay tuned," not "Stayed tuned." [EDITOR REPLIES [aka Imp] :...Something's in the air, yes. Stayed tuned...]  God Maria, when are you going to learn English?


Anonymous said...

Bobby: You have literally kicked DPM's ass. The fact that he is responding to your spurious attacks shows, conclusively, that you have him on the run. Great Job! He deserves all the trash you can throw at him, after what he did to Jerry M and Juan M. Keep up the good work. Every word you right results in 100 words of baseless retort from him. Keep up the heat....fry his ass. Really, he deserves it. Damn metiche.

BobbyWC said...

No it will end soon enough. With every word he writes he proves he cannot refute what I say in any of my stories.

He just makes things up. No where did I ever imply he had any thing happen in Kyle which would merit calling the police.

But the Imp being the Imp he lies and says I did and that I should produce the document which proves something I never said.

I wish I could say he knows he has no credibility, but he does not.

But there is someone, not me, who wants to go after his family members liability insurance on defamation.

If they act, that should send him to the street or his beloved NM.

But very soon I will go back to completely ignoring him.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't blame the imp for making anonymous comments. Without them his blog is dead.